Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

Yikes!  It's Sunday, and I am writing my Saturday Centus!  I think I have too much on my plate right now, and it's not peas, either!  Jenny Matlock at Off On My Tangent took a suggestion from Nonna once again and gave us a cute prompt.  I can do cute.  I can also do mindless, so here is my mindless little poem, an ode of sorts to my husband, Rod, and our marriage.  The picture you see is of us in St. Thomas on our honeymoon in 1986, and those shorts, if I still had them, would still fit.  Rod's hair is wavy, and it's waving good-bye.  The prompt is in the title.


Here we are
Two peas in a pod.
You say something
And I nod!
We love reading,
We love art.
You know the secrets
Of my heart.
When we dine,
We eat the same,
We even share a
Common name!
Oh, we’re different,
In some ways.
I’m a night owl,
You love days.
But we both love dancing
When the music plays.
We love our children,
We love our pets,
And that’s as perfect
As it gets!
You’re my husband,
I’m your wife,
And we have
A happy life.
Sounds like we two
Have a winner.
Now, dear, take me
Out to dinner!


Pondside said...

Clever you! That was well done.
I'm still trying to think of anything I own (other than earrings) that fit me in my wedding year and still goes on.

Ames said...

Aw look at you you sexy little thing. I love the part were you say Rod's hair is waving bvye bye. Ha ha . This was such a sweet Valentine's poem. You are a multi-talented woman. I'm so glad we're friends!~Hugs & Kisses~Ames

Annesphamily said...

My hubby's hair waved bye bye long ago! Ha Ha! Still love 'em to pieces! You are one hot sexy mama! Woo Hoo girl! Those shorts are something else! You have legs for days! You could give these young celebs a run for their money! Mostly because you are a beautiful person and your heart is so sincere. I so love knowing you. Gosh you inspire me! I use to write poems like mad! I better get busy, the deadlien for mailing my Valentine from Loveland CO is coming up! y the way it is the very best place I have found to send my cards from. They go the extra mile and they write a poem too! It s stamped on your envelopes and postmarked from Loveland, CO.
Happy Sunday to Rod and Judie!
xo,Blessings and a Snowy Colorado Super Bowl hug! Anne

Jo said...

Oh beautiful ... what wonderful sentiment expressed in this bit of writing ... how wonderful that you found your other "pea" ... may your pod last a lifetime!!! said...

You're a great pair; it's clear from this sweet poem. Keep nodding and I hope you get a high-end dinner tonight.

Love you too, Judie. And I also tried to lick the chocolate off of my screen. But, believe it or not, he eats it even faster than I do.

coRobyn said...

Oops, I slipped in a c for chocolate instead of a c AND xo for chocolate, kiss, hug. It's the Holy Trinity, right? xco

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Awwww, sweet! I haven't stopped by in awhile, still interested in your writing but not feeling on top of the world lately. How great the shorts would still fit!

askcherlock said...

Look at you! Tan, beautiful, and a totally loving couple. The poem was an amazing tribute, Judie, to the love all Valentines should have.

Karen S. said...

Oh that's got to be the sweetest, darling little love poem I've ever read in a long...long time...and you special lady wrote it...for your special man! Very cool! ;) and I hope he took you out for a really nice dinner after that fantastic poem of two Sweet-peas in a marriage!

ChrisJ said...

It does my heart good to see a lasting, loving marriage.

Vicki/Jake said...

Haha! Love the picture and the fact that you're still a skinny mini.. WTH, you can write poems too! I think Rod got the best of the deal:)

Sue said...

You guys make a great couple, and I loved your poem, too.

It got me feeling all Valentinesy.


Anna said...

Dear Judie,
I love this one! You have written a wonderful poem with fun imagery, good rhythm; and you even got it to rhyme in a non-Hallmarky way.

Well done!

I am trying to remember what I was doing 1986... Anyway, I think you two did very well! You chose the right person and made it last. (Which is more than what I managed with my ex whom I wedded 1991.)

Best wishes,

'Parent-teacher meeting' Anna's SC wk 92

Judee said...

Loved this - it's cute and sweet and sentimental all in one. I bet he took you to dinner, too. ;)

anitamombanita said...

Judie, that was great...and so non-controversial! heehee... but seriously, I loved it. That's how I feel about my hubs too...we are definitely different but somehow it works well for us.

As for your question about Jake and Albert -two peas from a DIFFERENT pod. Their mothers were litter mates; they are cousins...twin sons from different mothers, as they say...and inseparable!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I'm back-

Good Morning. I wanted you to know that I love your blog and have awarded you the
Versatile Blogger award! You can go over to my site, Moving On To The Past, to receive your award. Thank you again.

Pearl said...

:-) You're a lucky woman.

And he's a lucky man!


THE SNEE said...

Hi Judie,
This poem is so much fun and incredibly sweet. Your poetic rhythm made me tap my feet.

Jenny said...

You look just the same!

Love the rhythm of this fun little ditty, Judie!

I think you should go to a thrift store and buy shorts like that again. You could totally rock that look!