Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

V is for Vexed

The Rogue Speaks:

 I am vexed that there are some people who will simply ignore this post altogether.  Why? Not because I think that my words are any more vital than those of others, but  because the people  who think that I am a crank do not live in the real world.  Their minds have been filled with misinformation, and they are not willing to even consider the other side of the coin.  It seems that it is much easier to just stick to the "old way" of thinking about life.   Life as our ancestors knew it has changed, however.  The world population 2000 years ago has been estimated at 231 million.  In 2012 there are 6.8 billion people on earth, and that number grows by 83 million a year.  We can no longer depend on the basic skills of tending sheep or goats, or planting fruits and vegetables for our sustenance in our lives.  In America, there are small groups of people who still spin their own yarn and make all their own clothes, and grow all their own food. I have the utmost respect for these people, even though their way of life has been compromised considerably in the last century, and they have had to adjust accordingly.

 The life and many of the rules  that were preached in biblical times are very impractical to maintain in today's world.  "Be fruitful and multiply" is very vexing to me, because 99% of the people in this country cannot realistically care for the needs of an exceptionally large family unless they figure out a way to screw with the system.  Sounds bad, doesn't it!  But don't kid yourselves.  It happens.  The people who speak out the loudest in most cases are the people who happen to get paid in real money every week.  Frequently, they are the women whose husbands make good salaries, and provide them with health insurance, and cars to drive their children to school and extra curricular activities, and money to spend at the department stores for school clothes.  These people wouldn't have a clue about tending sheep or goats, or spinning wool into cloth.  What's more, they don't even WANT to!    If they did, they would be living their lives the way people in biblical times did.  No car, no electricity, no running water, no cell phone--just obeying the wishes of their husbands, and following the biblical teachings of old,  and having lots and lots of children whether they could care for them or not.

Still, there are people who are bound and determined to maintain, at least on the outside,  that biblical way of thinking at all costs.  There are women in America who actually believe that the husband of the family is the superior being, and that what he commands is that which is best for the family.  These women have been brainwashed over the centuries into believing that it is their Godly duty to obey the wishes of their husbands.

So, if Jesus were to come to earth this very day, what do you think he would say about all the advances that have occurred in the last 2000 years?  God created us, and he gave us these miraculous brains that we have used to help mankind over the centuries.  Do you think that Jesus would want us to go back 2000 years and live on sheep, goats, grains, and a few vegetables, and forget about all the scientific discoveries that God has allowed us to make?  Do you really think that he would expect women to give birth to so many children that some get lost in the shuffle, and don't get the attention and love that they deserve?

So here is a challenge to all those women  out there who think that the biblical life of 2000 years ago should be followed without question  today.  Do it.   Give up your hobbies, your part-time jobs, your lunches with friends.  Send your children into the fields to tend the sheep or goats.  Spin your own wool into yarn.  Live without electricity, gas heat, a cell phone, or a car.  That's the way things were back then when those laws that you are so eager to follow were handed down.  Have as many children as you possibly can.  Oh, and if they get sick? Forget about taking them to the pediatrician for antibiotics.  No one had them back in the time when people were told to "be fruitful and multiply."  Never refuse your husband anything he desires, and confirm that he is the supreme ruler of the household.  He's been hearing just how superior men are to women since the day he was born.  He may be an arrogant half-wit, or a benevolent dictator,  but by God, he's right!!

You can't have it both ways.  You can't just pick and choose that which  you want to follow and that which you do not.  I am seriously vexed by your way of thinking.  If you have actually  STUDIED the words of Jesus, you might be surprised to learn that he might be vexed as well.

Love one another.  Embrace  those in need.  Judge not, lest ye be judged.   Share your wealth with those less fortunate.  Read Luke 18: 18-25.  Now read it again.

That's all for this week.  Please check out the other offerings for Alphabe-Thursday.  You'll find them on Jenny's blog.


Pondside said...

No, I don't think you're a crank at all. There is one rule and you quoted it.
Keep on writing.

edenhills said...

This is so wonderful! I was reading one of those posts about having as many kids as God chooses, and I just couldn't even leave a comment because I had nothing nice to say. I don't think He micromanages. Having as many kids as possible was a necessity 2000 years ago, but it's irresponsible today. Thanks for saying this!

Tes said...

Thought provoking! I so agree on the hazards of "Be fruitful and multiply" I teach Kindergarten in an economically challenged district -45min drive one way- and I have students who at Kinder (5years old) already have 4 younger siblings to care for. One of my super smart students practically lost her childhood to caring for for her "baby" brother and sisters! It breaks my heart to hear her talk about not having time to do homework because she has to babysit. When she turned 3rd grade they were already 6 in the family -Geez! I still see her in school, she is now in 5th grade and I realized she has already lost her childhood! She was so pretty, animated and lively in Kinder. Now, she looks older and I seldom see her smile... she looks so serious. :( Perhaps burned out! I hate her parents for having too many kids when they can't even seem to care for them! :(

Hi Judie, I found your blog at Alphabe-Thursday. I like reading your posts. :)

Ames said...

I believe the more children you have takes something away from the last. Unless of course if you are a millionaire and can afford to have as many children as you want. But then if everything is handed to a child on a silver platter do they ever learn what it is like to work hard and earn something?
Love your new pic Judie you look so young and vibrant!~Ames

mrs. c said...

I totally agree with you and I think that instead of worrying about things that are not important we should all work together.

beckyp said...

very good post. In the comments it is very sad the little girl has to take care of her siblings. Every time I hear a story on the duggers, I just want to scream. Those poor children are losing their childhood as well and that wife seems to be brainwashed but that is just my opinion.

Judie said...

Mrs. C, thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Somehow I knew that you would be in support of my rant!!

Judie said...

And to all of you who agree with me, I thought long and hard about posting this, but in the end, I felt compelled to do so. That you have all supported me is so encouraging. I wish that the people for whom this post was intended could see life today as it really is. unfortunately, they simply can not break free of those bonds that have kept them from being the people that God intended them to be.

Jo said...

You old crank!!! 1. love the new picture ... you look fab!!! 2. I must be an old crank as well. I totally get you. I agree with everything you said. 3. I am so glad you are able to get to the keyboard more often, I hope you are feeling better!!!

Karen S. said...

I couldn't play along this week with the letter but had to visit yours! First person who comes to mind who (how could anyone ever want to follow this man) is Rush. He has always open his (TRAP) for the money, honey, always!
I think that God already knows there's no sense in dropping in. What truth you speak Judie, and haven't they heard even Tasha Tudor died! We sure do know more reasons for the quote Let them eat cake, in today's world. Although really, I could live without a cell phone sometimes! We even have a land line, a what some co-workers have said. Once I brought up the word davenport (remember that one?!) and a couple of the girls said is that a cigarette, as another one said no it's in Iowa!!! Help!Love your post, could Time print it on their last page? Yeah, silly me, it would fall on deaf ears, and closed eyes. But, hey your post rocks for me!

bluzdude said...

If Jesus did return, He would be appalled at the things that so called Christians are doing in His name.

Keep the heat on, MEEHAA...

(If I'm using the acronym, it has to be an M instead of a Y.)

Vicki/Jake said...

Oh screw...guess I better go feed the damn sheep. Rant on Judie, I love it! And the new you. And your tunes. And that you're back:) xox

Andy David said...

Dear Judie,
Let me be the first to say...great photo of you!! You look well, beautiful and happy. You wrote some very deep thoughts here. This post is all about reality for some of us.

Judie said...

Jakie! The whole purpose of sheep is that you don't have to feed them. They just graze in your front and back yards! All you have to do is reseed occasionally. You do need children to tend the sheep and ward off animals that might kill them.

Now here's a question for you: Do these people who don't believe in contraceptives believe in the rhythym method? Isn't that a form of contraception?? Just wonderin'!!

Gattina said...

I am with you at 100 % ! When I started reading American blogs I thought that a lot of women still live in another century ! and that God can solve all problems even when you can't lace your shoes, is also ridiculous !
I am happy that there are also intelligent and modern women amongst the American bloggers. Fortunately I know a few, otherwise I would think that they all live in a cloud or behave like kids !
BTW I love your new profile picture !

Lola said...

Hi Judie!

*V*ery well put!

You're no crank - keep on writing!

Mumsy¸.¤ª“˜¨ said...

Hi Judie,
I love your new picture! You're so pretty, and not an old crank. I like it REAL and RAW and TRUTHFUL.

I totally agree with you..can't have it both ways. Like Edenhills, I just read a post on the blog that promote to have as many children as God is giving, and it is just too UNREAL to me to do it that way nowadays. Think about the welfare of those children!!!

It's the act of two adults that bring those children out!!

Have a great weekend, Judie!

Bruce Coltin said...

I know I've told you this before, but anger becomes you. I enjoy your writing most when it is hot tempered.
And, I do agree with the point you've made here.

askcherlock said...

Powerful post, Judie! I agree with everything you have said here. Those who would have us swing back into the oblivion of women-without-thoughts are those who want to govern this country with such antiquated tenants. How anyone can give them credence is beyond me. Love you rant...and your beautiful new photo!


Hombre_3048 said...

I am not a Christian; I am not a monotheist. Nonetheless, I know these words

"Love one another. Embrace those in need. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Share your wealth with those less fortunate."

Are far more reflective of the actual message of Jesus, than the nonsense and viciousness so many proud and pious alleged Christians trumpet.

If Christians would actually abide by what we know to be the actual message of Jesus, the world would be a far better place and they would be far better people.

Judie said...

Hombre, thank you for your comment. I agree wholeheartedly with the current post on your blog, but I think you already know that! I hope to hear from you again!!

askcherlock said...

Judie, I had the sound turned off when I first visited this morning. This time I heard the song you have on here today. I love this! It was also in the film "O Brother Where Art Thou?" with George Clooney. If you have never seen this, it is worth the watch!

Judie said...

Cher, I love that movie! I love all the songs in the soundtrack. I thought this one was appropriate for my post.

Daniel LaFollette said...

Hey Judie,

I've always been perplexed by those who profess so loudly about being Christian and act so un-Christ like. Instead they act more like Ayn Randians praying to the Goddess of selfishness and greed. It's madness I tell you.

Great post Judie!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Ah, you're hitting on several topics here, but I guess it all boils down to letting others care for you without using your own critical thinking abilities.
sad that there are some "Christians" who blindly believe some rhetoric. sad that there are some "Christians" who are not really Christians at all. If one reads the words and deeds of Jesus, one will see that the most important message he was trying to get across is "love God as He loves you; love each other as yourself."
I agree with your statement about picking and choosing.
Your new photo is wonderful!
Oh, yeah. I've had your blog open for awhile, enjoying the music.

Annesphamily said...

HI Judie! A great post as always! Your new photo is beautiful!Thanks for sharing. I am a strong woman. I was always around strong women. I would not know hw to act otherwise!

Garry Crystal said...

Great post Judie and spot on. It is incredible that those who have (yet did nothing much to obtain) always have the most to say about how others live their lives. They don't even try to consider what the lives of others are like before putting their views across, empathy bypass. Great writing, look forward to reading more.

askcherlock said...

I should have known that my cosmic sister had seen that film too!

EllenaElizabeth said...

I did read all of your post. Interesting indeed. I don't think the bible literally means to submit to your husband as a deer to a lion, the verse continues on...husbands love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. Then further....In this same way husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. Ephesians 5:22-30 I understand these verses to mean that a man and his wife will muutually care for and respect each other. The key word is mutual therefore equally aligned. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I have enjoyed it.

Donna Heber said...

Hi Judie,

Wonderful post and very thought provoking! I agree you can't have it both ways. Thank you for stopping to visit me.

KDL said...

I am glad EllenaElizabeth continued that verse. This is how our household works. I consider myself to be a strong woman (I won't list the credentials, Judie, you know most of them) and I married a strong man to be "my head" but he cares for me as he does himself...wholeheartedly. I know I am blessed in this. You are right that we cannot pick and choose which parts we believe and what we follow. The hard part (I think) is figuring out how to apply the Truth in our present lives. While I don't agree with continual procreation (we are stopping at 3, thank you!) if God unexpectedly blessed us with another I would accept him/her as a gift just as I have my others - much as I did when we were trying to have #2 and #3 tagged along for the ride. I believe there is a balance in all of these things that God expects us to use the fine minds He gave us to find. Just my 2 cents.

Judie said...

The key words here are "truth" and "present lives." The world has changed greatly since biblical times--when people believed, among other things, that young people with severe acne were "unclean" and were placed in leper colonies.

I have seen in my husband's own evangelical family just how some women still feel that the husband is the authority and acquiesce to him, even when they have their own doubts about the outcome. One of my SILs ended up having 6 children that placed a real financial burden on the family, especially after her husband died with early congestive heart failure.

I DID find myself pregnant unexpectedly many years ago--twice, in fact. One child died in utero at 6 months, and the second is my son, Keil, who was born without a thyroid gland. Thanks to early intervention, his I.Q. is above normal, and he is a sweet and loving young man. He does have mild neurological issues that can be frustrating at times, but we love him dearly.

Thanks for weighing in on these issues. I am a firm believer in birth control, unless a family has unlimited resources, as well as the temperament to give each child the love and attention they deserve. The 99% in this country may not have that financial wealth. I don't think that people should depend on outside donations if they want to have a large family that they cannot easily support on their own.

Jenny said...

I dunno Judie. The world scares me sometimes.

I am forever trying to get a handle on where we're heading as a nation...and how it is that women are being made into second class citizens more and more as time evolves. How the heck that happen?

Arm candy and eye candy and fake everything seems to be something to aspire to anymore.

I found this very thought provoking.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!