Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

Stranded on a deserted island?

I hope Miss Jenny doesn't give me a bad grade for being so late with my homework for her wonderful Alphabe-Thursday!   We've been a leetle busy around this house, but more about that later. Oh, and those colored words with the double underline?  I don't know what's up with that, but just ignore them!

The temperature in Tucson yesterday was 107, according to our hippy dippy weatherman, but I think he was standing in front of the refridgerator with the door open when he took that reading!  It was 115 on my back porch at 5 p.m.!!!  Why am I telling you this? As an intro into our vacation on Jekyll Island, of course!  Do you like the above photo??  I took it the day before we left.  Now here are a few more for your edification and enjoyment:

Laurel, the mermaid

Digging a hole to Australia

Laurel and Emaline

Emaline, the flying fish

Keillor with sandy legs

Beach bums, Amy and Jeff

Amy's daughter, Sarah

Amy did the cooking!  YUM!!!

Granddaddy and Lizzie minded the twins!

Our oldest son, Jeff

Middle son, Joey

Go fly a kite, Joey!!

The sun began to set on our family vacay.

After the family left, Rod and I had a quiet
dinner alone before heading for home.

Don'cha just hate it when people drag out their 500 vacation photos and insist that you see every one??  Next week's post will be a little different, I promise.  See you then!!

P.S.  The blogging gods are messing with my head and my blog today, so if you didn't come here from Jenny's, and you want to leave a comment, please click on the title of this post.


Judie said...

This is only a test! Blogger is messing with me today and I am NOT happy!!

Anonymous said...

Living in west-central Florida, I can definitely relate to the idea of heat fatigue. I am eternally grateful for door-to-door (house to office to house) air conditioning. I honestly don't know how our forebears put up with the heat that was so much a part of their lives. Ick!

Pondside said...

That looks like my sort of family holiday - kids, sand, water and food!

Jo said...

What a great looking family, all coated in sunshine and sand!!! and it almost looks like you had the beach to yourselves! how lucky!

Karen S. said...

I love these family photos...and you could have doubled them and I'd still view everyone! looks like you all had a grand's so wonderful to have family, and spend time with them all...your sons are very handsome too...and of course your grandchildren rock!

Gattina said...

Looks like a dream holiday !! together with the family ! I am jalous, my "DIL" is not very family ! she isn't used to that. A pity. Looks lie a very relaxing place even if the house wasn't perfect ! Sometimes it has its charm too. In the South of Tunisia we had 122°F in the shade ! and people live without airconditionning ! It only exists in the hotels for the "delicate" tourists !

Andy David said...

My dear Judie,
So much happiness and love in the pictures. Life should be like this everyday (smile). Thank you for sharing my friend.

Mumsy¸.¤ยช“˜¨ said...

Vacation by the sea side is always so much fun, and I don't mind looking through your fantastically fun time photos.

Blogger is working fine today!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Well, I loved your pics -- especially Emaline the flying fish! Adorable.

JJ said...

Judie: The way vacation ought to be!

Ames said...

Looks like you really enjoy yourselves up there!~Ames

Sarah said...

Great time for the family! 500 is nothing. I took 1600+ on mine. Want to see it?

lissa said...

looks like fun, I would go there just to fly a kite.

have a sweet day.

Robin said...

I miss the beach. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I love the picture of Emaline "flying." That was a great shot.

Theresa said...

I was here the other day and my computer crashed before I could comment:( Love these pics! Definitely gonna have to trip up there someday...looks so private. Hope you enjoyed and would be interested in any recommendations. Happiest day to you Ms. J! said...

Hi Judie!

I miss you. Sorry I've been so absent. When I read your comment on Sarah's blog, I had to pop in. I'm excited for you with all the upcoming changes and sending good thoughts, always.

PS I'm still very much here in bloggyland, just very much delinquent from Jenny's class - mainly because of work and, well, life and stuff.

Big hugs!

Esther Joy said...

Looks like you had a great time at the beach! Good place to be when it's so hot - that is, unless you didn't use sun screen!

Ragazza Bazaar said...

Looks like so much fun!

Splendid Little Stars said...

The blogging gods seem to have got it worked out now!

love the vacay photos! What fun you had! What is better for the soul than a beachy vacation?! aaahhhhhh......

Jenny said...

I'm so excited for you, Miss Judie!

And that vacay looks quite fabulous!

Your family is lovely.

And so are you!

Have a fantastic 4th of July!

Hugs and A+

EG CameraGirl said...

115° is way, WAY too hot for me! Hey, you can bring out your vacation photos any time you want. It's almost like being there with you. :))

ChrisJ said...

Lovely vacation and photos and family.

I like the new photo of you for your profile; you look great.

Annesphamily said...

Good vacation photos! I love seeing families all together! Glad I stopped by. Getting late need my rest! See you soon! Have a great weekend!