Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

IS IT hooterville? I THINK NOT!!!

The Rogue Speaks:

When I wrote and told my 8th grade sweetheart, Henry Strozier,  the OceanSpray guy on t.v., that we were moving to Brunswick, Georgia, his response  referred to that town of only 30,000 people as "Hooterville," and told me I was moving to a cultural wasteland.  He was in St. Augustine at the time--close enough to Brunswick that we can get together the next time he and his wife are at their vacation home there for a few days.

O.k, so I am moving into a hotbed of conservative Republicanism, but it couldn't be any worse than Tucson, where the state legislature voted to allow people to carry guns everywhere, even in restaurants, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio has "proof" positive that Obama's birth certificate is a forgery.   I told Henry that if I was quizzed on my political stance by anyone in "hooterville," that I would simply say, "I am an artist--we don't do politics."  Of course, you all know that that is a LIE.  I do politics, but only with those of my own kind.  Yes, I know that some of my readers are not of my political persuasion, but they are NICE about it.  Hmmm, well ONE wasn't--but that's another story.

Does our new home look like hooterville?
I think not!!

Brunswick may be small, but it has a LOT to offer!  It has that deep south charm that many people dream about, but it is a progressive city.  Tourism is always big in any coastal area, and Brunswick has many fine restaurants and hotels.  The shrimping business is very big there, and until one has tasted Georgia wild shrimp, straight off the boat, one has not truly lived.  The same holds true for crabs.  No! Not THOSE  crabs!  Shame on you!!!

THESE crabs!!!  Yum!!!

The architecture of Brunswick is NOTHING like the architecture of hooterville.

Brunswick, Glynn County Courthouse

old home in Brunswick--we looked at several
before we decided.

Can you blame me for wanting to live in a place where views like these abound?

Sidney Lanier Memorial Bridge

Brunswick Marina

Brunswick shrimp boats at sunset

Brunswick salt marshes

So you see,  we're not moving to hooterville--we're moving to the place of our dreams.

We'll soon be "Gone With The Wind!"   Hahahahaha!!!

Miss Jenny has lots more students in her Alphabe-Thursday class, so hop on over and read their homework papers!!!


Jo said...

oh you are moving to paradise!!! I can't wait to see wonderful photos of your new surroundings ... and just think, no mean cacti to hurt dear Lizzie ... and the politics ... well that's for another day ... lol!

Naperville Now said...

"I'm an artist; we don't do politics." Love that! Please buy the Victorian, too. Looks like a fabulous house.

Mumsy said...

It is a beautiful place to me, any where near the coastal line is my dream!

Have you moved yet, and is that the house you'll be moving in?

EG CameraGirl said...

It sounds like such a positive move for you. Living in a home so close to the Atlantic will be so different from the desert, that's for sure.

Esther Joy said...

Wow! It does look like a "Gone With the Wind" setting! Your new house is beautiful. Enjoy!

bluzdude said...

I'm sorry, but I picture "Hooterville" in an entirely different manor.

And you can tell your friend that when I visited St. Augustine, my impression was that it was the country's largest outdoor Old Folks Home.

(OK, I was 18 at the time, but still...)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your move to such a beautiful home and area. Hope nobody questions you on your political views.

Lola said...

Hi again Judie!

Many thanks for stopping by!

Lovely setting and views in this post – great pics as always.

Wishing you & yr family a lovely weekend,

Visiting from Alphabe-Thursday

debra said...

It looks WONDERFUL!!!

Love your humor :)

J. Kwiatkowski-Schuler said...

It looks beautiful!

Theresa said...

Brunswick is charming! So excited for your move into that new abode Judie! Keep us updated for sure!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Looks like an absolutely lovely place. Don't worry about your conservative neighbors, if I can live in Utah and be accepted, anything can happen!




anitamombanita said...

"I don't do politics, except with my own kind"...LOL...if you're with you're own kind there ARE no least in theory.

Methinks you're gonna be happy in your new home and new environ...politics or no.

Don't let that pretty little head of yours spin out of control while you're thinking about which one to choose...take your time. :)

Jim said...

Wonderful post, Judie. I know you like your new home. And no, I think they will wear shoes in this 'Hooterville.' Perhaps they named it because the local 'Hooters' owner lives there or was in on the development.

I like your new home too. It looks very comfortable. And you should like it to be gated. Our subdivision is and we don't worry much about going off to leave things when we travel.

I know your politics though. Here if one isn't a Repubican his vote doesn't count. I did vote for Hillary in the last election because I thought she would have been a better president. Again vote not counted. LOL

Jim's Alphabe-Thursday

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your new home! What a lovely place to move to.

Riet said...

Happy moving I a sure it will be great new home for you

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Hooterville -- too funny! No, your new house doesn't look like Hooterville, unless there's an outhouse in the backyard!
Sounds like we share political views : ) I am surrounded by pistol toting cowboys and it's a scary thing indeed.
Looks like you'll be in lovely surroundings from now on!

Wanda said...

Hmmm...I must have been on my Alphabe-Thursday hiatus when you announced your move. Hope all goes well...your soon-to-be new home looks lovely!

Andy David said...

My dearest Judie,
You can make any home more beautiful by just being in it (smile). Looks like a great place to live. Thanks for sharing my friend.

Pondside said...

I love your new town! I hope you'll find many opportunities to walk by the water to check out the activity and shop for supper!
PS I think you'd like it here too - politics and art seem to go together on this coast!

Robin said...

I love your new home. I think you will love living on the coast!!!!

Ames said...

What a lovely home Judie! The porch is always a deciding factor for me!
I have always wanted to live in the low country. Although I live in Florida next to a river and an island and the beach, I long for the low country with its large oaks dripping with moss and its savannas.
I'm jealous now. :(
But I'm happy for you! :)
I know it will feel good to shake the dust of Tucson off.
Love ya mean it!~Ames

kim joul aita said...

Judie, you have great place!


Amiko Days Of Eeomma

KDL said...

Brunswick looks like a lovely place, and I hope you will settle in quickly...politics or not. :-) As always thanks for stopping by The Simple Life!

Cathy Kennedy said...

Wow, I didn't know y'all lived in Tennessee for 17 years! Your move will put you back in the area for some beautiful scenic drives this fall for sure.

I had no idea where Brunswick was until now. Oh goodness, you're going to be right on the coast! We visited Savannah once...during the summer and oh my! It was blue blazing hot there. I don't do hot temperatures very well and the humidity was horrible. I don't do humidity well either. I hope you like your new location, though. Your new home is really pretty and you're so right, you're going to be caught up in southern conservatism big time. Playing the "I'm an artist" card may swing you some sympathy or roll of eyes. I'm not sure which you'll get. lol There are a lot of good folks in the south and many are quite polite even when there is a difference in politcal preferances amongst friends. That being said, I'm certain you'll find like minded folks (political) in your area, too.

I found despite someone's political taste, I can like them for who they are because of other shared interests. Good luck, my friend and I hope to see you in Tennessee! ;)

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh your new home is beautiful and so is the surrounding area. Really? the Ocean Spray guy? The older or the younger of the two? How cool! laurie

Annesphamily said...

I like the phrase "Let's agree to disagree! We all have various opinions on life and politics and such! But why waste friendship on silly things we can never control? I was so disgusted by the mud slinging campaigns I was considering not voting at all! But I will do my civic duty and hopefully we will turn a corner in our country soon! I really did admire the president when the Aurora shooting happened. As a parent I think the reality of it all hits home! As for Mitt and his mouth in London, I, uh, I, I think I better plead the 5th !

Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you have many happy memories there!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I suppose you're needed there--to tip the political balance!
And what a lovely house!

Jenny said...

You know I think that your new home is incredible!

And Hooterville will be totally lucky to have you both!

Thanks for linking up. I'm trying to fly through the 'I's'. Tax ickiness is stacked everywhere.