Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Sunday, February 24, 2013


The Rogue Speaks:

Without you around, roaring and belching, vibrating my every thought, my life would be sweet! I wouldn't worry every second of the day just what you're up to, and how you might end up wrecking lives and hurting someone I love so much!

I don't understand the fascination you hold! Why do some people crave to have you as their own?? Don't they know the dangers? Doesn't it bother them to be cold or wet or shaken right to their teeth?

Without you around, I sleep like a baby, you Suzuki Boulevard C50T 2009 touring bike!  Now that my son bought you, I may never sleep again!!!

This is my offering for Jenny's Saturday Centus.  Only 107 words, including the prompt, which is in. bold type.  There are a lot of centusians out there trying to get some sleep, so please check out the other offerings!


Bethe77 said...

Love it! My girlfriend son got a bike and said the same things she may never sleep again. Especial since the yea before he had been in a bike accident. Thank you for stopping by.

Carrie said...

motorcycles can be fun...but dangerous as well :)

visiting from Saturday Centus

Jo said...

Wonderfully written ... you really had me wondering who the interloper was ... i love motorbikes ... wish i had one myself!

Bo said...

That would scare me as well!

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Hey, Judie. Yes, fear for our children is one of the worst nightmares! I wouldn't be sleeping either!

Viki said...

Oh no, I could see why you would be up at night worrying. I would be less than thrilled myself. Great take on this.

JJ said...

Judie: I used to ride. I push the envelope, or at least I did in the past, but it is not fair to my family. After a close call, I no longer ride.

Jim said...

Good Saturday Centus write, Judie. I hope someday I will have time to do those again. They were fun.

I am glad you will be playing golf again. I wasn't aware that you weren't playing. It has been too cool for me lately as I am a fair weather golfer. Some of our group hasn't missed. I played in January when it was cold but my nose and the cold has softened my. Tuesday is supposed to be cold again.

Enjoy your golf, Judie.

Jenny said...

Oh man Judie.

I know this worry.

And it scares me still knowing two of the men in our family ride.

Not much protection between skin and highway!

I'll send a prayer for your rider!

Like I always tell our Grandlittles on their unmotorized have to remember that just because you can see THEM doesn't mean they can see YOU!!!!!

Green Speck said...

Wow ... this was interesting !!!