Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adultery, and The Exploding Life Diet

The Rogue Speaks:

When your adulterous husband leaves you for a younger (i.e. "trophy") woman, you just may be exposed to "The Exploding Life Diet."  You are so shocked, so hurt, and oh so furious that you just stop eating.  This is not a diet that I want to try.  In fact, no woman goes on this diet deliberately--it just happens.

I have an old friend who is on this diet.  She's lost 30 pounds.  Her husband, who qualified for Medicare almost 10 years ago, was flattered by a younger, narcissistic  woman who probably thought she was getting a "sugar-daddy."  She seduced him, and because we all know what part of their anatomy (that is NOT their brain) men think with, the next thing my friend knew, her husband was moving out, and seeing an attorney.

What's up (no pun intended) with some of these guys who can be so easily suckered in by a conniving woman who is blatantly breaking up a marriage for her own edification and enjoyment?  I know that deep down, she can't be proud of what she is doing, because when her family comes a-calling, her Senior Citizen boyfriend is forbidden to show his face.

What exactly does a woman who is ten years shy of Social Security want with a married man who is twenty years her senior? Is she looking for someone to pay all her bills?  In this case, I hope she doesn't think he's wealthy, because the state in which she (and he) live is a community property state, so after the divorce, he'll only have one half of what he has now, and of course there is alimony, plus lawyer's fees!   I hope she's thought ahead to when she's 70 and he's over 90!  If he lives that long, she just might be taking care of a sick old man day in and day out.  Or, if he should suffer a debilitating stroke 5 years or less from now, her caregiver role could begin much sooner!

But maybe she doesn't really care about all that for now.  Maybe she just has her eyes on a goal, and has tunnel-vision about the rest of the picture.  OR, maybe she has started now, collecting sleeping pills so she can pop one in his evening cocoa and go out to a fancy dress ball after tucking him in for the night.

I feel soooooo sorry for my friend, that she is having to go through this.  No woman should!  But she is a strong woman (well, except for The Exploding Life Diet), and highly intelligent, creative, talented and thoughtful,  and she will survive this.  Maybe she'll go on to start a successful non-profit like Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton, and Bette Midler did in that comedy  a few years back.  Ahhh! Revenge is sweet!

This concludes my offering for Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday.  I hope our Jenny is recovering from those pesky aches, pains, and trauma.  We love you, Jenny!!!


Granny-Guru said...

Wow. I'm so sorry for your friend. If she can get past the betrayal, I would suggest she treat it as a death of the relationship and not waste another moment thinking about the karma that is going to rain down on this woman and instead think about how to come out from under all the compromises she made to be in a relationship and choose her own strength and power and joy unencumbered. The non-profit or anything that has her focusing on helping others is a great idea for thinking about how she is going to change the world now that she is free to do so.

Judie said...

This woman is definitely smart enough to know that the karma will come, one way or another, and she's not dwelling on it.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

The thing that stupid man-stealing woman didn't think about was that if he would leave his wife for her, he would just as likely do the same to her when some other man-stealer comes along and catches his eye. Talk about karma! What goes around, comes around.
My heart goes out to your friend, but at the same time it's probably good to be rid of a man who would neglect his marriage vows like that, as difficult as it might be to face.

Carol L McKenna said...

World is getting crazier ~ and so material ~ healing hugs to your dear friend ~ Happy Weekend to you and thanks for coming by ~ carol, xxx

Anonymous said...

oops ~ here is link to my blogs ~ thanks again, carol, xxx

lissa said...

sounds terrible but I hope your friend finds someone better and nicer.

have a good day.

Judie said...

Lissa, she has LOTS if friends who are better and nicer--they're just not MEN!!!

PJ Shatt said...

As the friend in question, I appreciate all the supportive comments. Without any esception, everyone that has heard what happened has had the same reaction, most poignantly expressed by my neurologist: "He will end up old, sad, and alone." But that is the choice he's making. I have to move on, past the hurt and rejection, to a place of peace and contentment. Thank you again for words of support. Hugs to you Judie.

BECKY said...

Sometimes men really do act like the idiots in many of the sitcoms, don't they? Yeah, Judie, I agree...we know what part of their bodies they "think" with. Stupid, stupid. But I know your friend will survive....she's got you, hasn't she? Hugs...

Gattina said...

To me these "women" are not women but females and of course they only look for safety and money unless they have a "father" complex. He must be in a late midlife crisis, which switches out the brain and they only think with what is inside their trousers. No loss ! Of course it is a big disappointment for your friend and a big change in her life which she has to reorganize. The female will be off when he gets old and sick !

EG CameraGirl said...

I feel sorry for all three of them. Sounds like your friend has a good attitude. But her ex and his new wife are most likely headed for a few surprises. Time is on your friend's side, methinks.

Karen S. said...

Yep, some folks are just blind until of course they wake up. On a note close to this, I had a person close to our family (hopefully he was using his brain) and since he remained married he must have, Hehehehe, but he in his middle 30's and married to a gal about 8 years his junior, was already worried that his life was unfulfilled. Now that was scary, (family remember) and all I could say, is all that stuff about the grass not being any greener on the other side, and you switch one bad thing for another not so great thing. Fix what's broken, and always, ALWAYS remember ALL of those little faces you come home to every night.

Sue said...

This burns me up.


Judie said...

As most of you know, I am very protective of my friends because they are all soooooo special to me. I am very sad to say that the slut involved is actually a
BLOGGER! Yes! She is! MY blogging friends are all so wonderful, but this woman's blog is ALL ABOUT HER! I realize that this means she has little self-confidence and needs a lot of stroking, but SHE WILL NEVER GET IT FROM ME!!!! As soon as all the legalities are completed, I will blast her out of the universe. Since she hardly has any comments on her posts, this probably won't go far, but at least it will make me feel better. If nothing else, I am a loyal friend.

Splendid Little Stars said...

loyalty and trust are (almost) everything.
I have a cousin who was married over 30 years. His wife decided to divorce him. So she got half his money and goods. Sadly he died soon after. If she had only waited maybe she would have gotten all. On the other hand perhaps he died of a broken heart.
PS: Thanks for your comment on my Alphabet Soup post!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I fell badly for your friend. She so needs someone who appreciates her and what she brings to a relationship.

Jenny said...



I think Viagra makes these old guys think they are virile and studly.

I think it's so horrid.

Our society has done such an amazing job of objectifying women again so much that every guy with a prescription thinks they deserve eye candy.

They've already gotten the prize. They've just forgotten that they've aged, too.

I'm so sorry for your friend Judy.

I'm sending her a prayer that she meets someone of value to her...

Or simply finds the value that she has without her dumb ex's validation.



Kind of growly here over this.

But never over you!

Hope you are doing okay!

You didn't move, did you? Your Thanksgiving card came back.


Thanks for linking and helping my low blood pressure today!

Hugs and A+++