Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Other Life

The Rogue Speaks:

I know it is hard to believe, but I actually do have another life outside of the art world. You probably thought that all I ever do is teach art, talk about art, make art, and encourage art. Well, you are in for a shock. I actually play golf in my spare time, and yes, I do have spare time which I have created for the sole purpose of playing golf.

I played in a two-day golf tournament earlier this week, and had a great time. My partner and I had played in one other tournament together and we WON! We didn't win this week, but it wasn't for lack of trying. We really had lots of fun, especially on Sunday at the pre-game party. The theme for the tourney was "Silks and Roses" in honor of the Kentucky Derby. We had a hat contest on Sunday. We didn't win that either. I borrowed a hat from my Best Friend Artist, and was clearly the most elegant participant on Sunday. I know that because everyone who saw me in my hat said the same thing--"You look so elegant!!" You all know that I am anything but elegant, but I smiled gracefully and accepted the compliments. The first picture above is of me, in all my elegance, and my partner. I am the one on the left and Ursula is on the right.
Before the game started on Monday morning at 8 f****** o'clock in the morning, they were serving Bloody Marys. Of course I declined because even though the sun was over the yard-arm somewhere in the world, I was not awake enough to figure out just where that was. Instead, I let my partner have mine. She was grateful. Unfortunately, it didn't help. We shot a net 68, which tied with another team for LAST place
The next day, we actually did worse. HOWEVER, we did decorate our cart (second picture) and got lots of laughs and compliments. I really don't give a rat's ass that we didn't win. It got me out in the sunshine and fresh air for a while, and I really needed that.
Creating art is a solitary process. One needs, on occasion, to get out in the real world and mingle with people who actually live normal lives. It keeps one grounded. I am glad I have another life. In fact, I have more than one other life, but I will tell you about that later.


JoeyMau said...

Getting ready for the Kentucky Derby?

The Guy's Perspective said...

Life feeds art. Being around other people, exchanging ideas, and having fun all helps feed the creative process.

But for me, golf is so frustrating even though I love it. Glad you're having fun.

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

You were right I do like this blog! I have been golfing since I was 8 years old and then managed a golf course!

My dad took up painting and he works in oils. He prefers doing portraits and our house is loaded with them!

I am glad you had fun at your tournament. I don't get out to play much since my daughter is so young, but soon...!

Eva Tobias said...

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