Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Rogue Speaks:

The original date of this post is March 12, 2010. Since I am leaving for Cancun at o'dark thirty on Saturday, and since my thoughts this week have been on just how few clothes I can get away with taking so I don't have to check my bag and pay the big bucks, I thought I would let you chew on this instead.
I don't have a blackberry, so I can't check in on you while I am gone, but I will be thinking about all my blogger friends who are NOT on vacation, and smiling (because I am so lucky to even get to have this vacation!).
At the time it was written, we only had one dog, Precious. But now we have Mulligan, and if we attempted to drive to Cancun with both dogs in the car, I am sure it would be our last trip on earth. Keep this in mind when you get to the part about Precious, and remember that Mulligan sings whenever Precious starts to bark like a dog with rabies. Now that you have that picture, please continue!

I wish these were my feet, but sadly they are not! They belong to my sister-out-law. She used to be my sister-in-law when she was married to my crazy brother, but she made an extremely smart move, filed for divorce, went back to school, and got a law degree, and married a terrific guy who is loving and caring. We think he is ever-so-much nicer and more fun than the crazy one. An added plus is that he is NORMAL. Those of you who know me, know why this is such an important attribute.

Those happy sandy feet were on the beach in Cancun. I got pictures enticing me to get on a plane and come join them. Oh, how sorely tempted I was! But this is way too busy a time in the art world to take off to Cancun, lie in the sun (or shade), read a good book, and watch the waves.
My sister-out-law and I haven't been able to spend much time together in the last several years, but we plan to make up for that! I have made a firm commitment to her and her dream-of-a husband that Rod and I will come in July, when it is 110 degrees here, and almost everyone is complaining about the "dry heat."

Yeah, I know you are thinking that Cancun is way out of my comfort zone. True! BUT one cannot drive to Cancun safely, and so we will FLY! I will not have to spend days and days driving through Mexico with bandits hiding along the roadside, just waiting for an opportunity to relieve us of our valuables, while our dog, Precious, barks her fool head off and pees on the seat of the car. No, she will be home with her brother, I will take some sort of tranquilizer, and our valuables will be stored in the baggage compartment after the baggage handlers have gone through them and have determined that we really HAVE nothing of value, and that my swim suit is way out of style!

I know you think I will back out of this trip at some point because it is so far away, and if it were anyone but my sister-out-law, I admit that I would be tempted. However, that is not going to happen this time. Why, I even joined Facebook because I found out she had joined, and I figured I would hear from her more often if I did. My wall doesn't have anything on it that you can't find out by reading my blog, so don't even bother checking it out. Keep reading my blog, though, and give me some feedback with comments.
p.s. She knows she needs another pedicure after all that sand. I have already told her.


Sarah said... wonderful! Enjoy and take a lot of pictures. We who couldn't go want to see. Who's taking care of the pooches?

Judie said...

Sarah, my son Keil will be taking care of his dog sister and dog brother. The three of them will be sleeping in our king-size bed so when Keil gets up at 4 in the morning, he can immediately take them out the slider to relieve themselves. After he feeds them a nice healthy breakfast, he will leave for work. He will be home by 1:30, at which time he will find them sacked out in bed.

The only reason we could afford to take this trip is that our accomodations are FREE, compliments of our hosts. They own a bunch of condos on the beach, and have invited other family members to join them as well. It should be great fun.

I will take LOTS of pictures!

Sarah said...

Free? Can I be her sister-out-law as well? Adopted sister will do too!

Judie said...

Sarah, I know she would be glad to have you! She and I together have crazy-good fun. You would fit right in!

Anonymous said...

We were on the Yucatan peninsula earlier this year - on the Mayan Riviera - wonderful beaches. I expect lots of piccies of beautifully pedicured and tanned feet on this blog lady!!


Smiles and blessings

askcherlock said...

Cancun is one of my dream-about vacations. I think I will get a pedicure this week and live Cancun vicariously through you. The story about you and your sister-in-law is hilarious! She is blessed to have you. Alas, I can only claim you as a sister in spirit, but I cherish that. Have a wonderful trip!

onecanvasonesoul said...

I've been to Cancun it's fun. Enjoy the beaches and if you can bare the heat go to Chichen Itza, to get some ancient culture. It may inspire some great paintings or poetry. Have a fun and safe trip!

nothingprofound said...

A week in Cancun-fabulous! Will miss you, of course, but will vicariously exult in all the pleasure I know you'll be having and all the beautiful things you're sure to see.

Judie said...

Cher, I have not been to Cancun in more than 20 years. I know it will be as beautiful now as it was then.

You ARE my sister of the heart!

One Canvas: I have been to Chichen Itza, and it was most interesting. I took lots of pictures and did a lot of climbing, which unfortunately I am unable to do any more. It is a beautiful spot!

Juliana: I just had a pedicure this afternoon and my toes look fabulous! I will take lots of pix, though. Hope you had fun in Texas.

Marty: After all the stress of May/June, I plan to have MUCH pleasure on this VACATION!

Angelia Sims said...

I am THRILLED for you and this mighty vacation. I am toasting my short wine glass to your umbrella laden coconut husk and dreaming of toes in the sand.

Enjoy to the fullest! :-) Missing you already! Squeaky baby misses you too and wants you to come visit with the crooning pups. Heh!

Judie said...

Angelia, I really need this! It will be the first actual vacation we have had in several years. I had a pedicure yesterday so I will have pretty feet to photograph.

Give the Squeaky Toy a hug!

Jenny said...

Did you link this post to Saturday Centus on accident?

I got totally confused when I came here. Love the paintings, though.

I'm working my way through meme links and came across this. Please let me know if I'm being incredibly obtuse or missing something here!

Judie said...

Jenny, I am the one who is obtuse! I really want to participate, but I am leaving tomorrow for Cancun for a week. When I get back, I will get explicit instructions from you as to just how to participate.
Glad you like my work!I will be working on gourds this fall. I haven't done it in several years, and I have nothing left to sell.

The Guy's Perspective said...

Lucky you! Have a great time.

I've been on vacation this last week on Cape Cod. Well, we went for four days and three nights. It was the best family vacation we've been on. The kids actually agreed on most things! I guess it's hard to disagree with: Beach, Pool, Go Karts, Ice Cream, Live music, Sunsets, etc. etc.


FONT LOVER said...

keep up the good work!

The Guy's Perspective said...

Hope you're having a great time!

Judie said...

Hey! We got back late Saturday night. I am WAY too tan for the dermatologist, and we had lots of fun. I plan to post a report of our trip asap. Missed you guys!