Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012
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Saturday, July 24, 2010


The Rogues Speaks:
If you think that is me up there, sailing along over the Gulf of Mexico, well, think again! I prefer to get my thrills on dry land, thank you very much! And believe me, I do! I love a good party, with all my friends, so this is just a lead-in into my week:
The Guild had a great cocktail party on Thursday night at Michelangelo's, a wonderful Italian restaurant not too far from our neck of the woods. We haven't all been together since last winter, so it was fun to see my artist friends.
My BFA and I needed to prime the pump beforehand, so on Tuesday afternoon, we met at Amarsi for drinks and some of their divine stuffed mushrooms. Of course, Thomas was our waiter, ready to serve and spoil us as usual! We had a nice table in the corner, away from the eavesdroppers. Thomas stood guard in case anyone tried to join in our animated and fascinating conversation. Of course I can't tell you what transpired, because it is supposed to be all hush-hush. I'm sure you know just how quiet we were!!
We were really pumped up at Michelangelo's, which was packed when we arrived. Give me a glass of wine, and a couple of minutes, and I can get into full party mode. There is no telling what might come out of my mouth, as the wife of one of the officers found out. I can't believe that I told her her husband pinched my ass at the meetings. Hope she knows that I was just kidding! That was after the FIRST glass of wine. Too bad I didn't stop there! But noooo--I had yet another, which I think affects my hearing, because when the MC called for the founding members to come up to the mic, I thought they said FAMILY members, and I kept trying to drag Rod along with me. My hearing deficit is becoming well-known, so everyone started laughing and yelling "FOUNDING!"
My BFA and I used to know every single member by name. I think she still does, but after serving on the board for so many years, I decided to take a break and sit in the audience for a while. Oh, wait! I just remembered that there are some people that she gets confused about! One year, when I was yet again the nominating committee, I nominated a very good member for secretary. I asked my BFA to ask her if she would serve. Only she asked the wrong person. I was horrified! She had asked a person who was known for being a bit flighty, and there were no take-backs! The two sort of looked alike, so it was an honest mistake, I guess. At any rate, the person accepted and was thrilled. I, not so much! That turned out to be the only year that we had no minutes to speak of, and very few board meetings, as well. It was not our finest hour.
That year is long behind us, and this year we have a stellar board! They are so good and so efficient that, except for Holidazzle, I can be the spectator I have always wanted to be. Those people give great party, let me tell you! For a mere $5 a head, we had all the wine we could drink, and delicious appetizers. I ate enough that I wasn't hungry for dinner, and it's a good thing, because after two glasses of wine, God only knows what would have come out of the skillet!
There is great comfort in being with like-minded people. They become a touchstone when life gets a little rough, and the muses play hide-and-seek for months at a time. They are like my blogging friends. Whenever I need to be mentally stimulated, all I have to do is click on a favorite blog. Then I can laugh my ass off, or quietly contemplate what a friend has written about life.
It restores me, and uplifts me. Now, don't get the big head, o.k? I don't think of all of you as someone out of Psalm 100, or anything like a religious experience! I just think you are so nice, and supportive, and SMART! I'm glad we found each other.


bluzdude said...

Sounds like a great time!

askcherlock said...

Judy, you have become one of those bloggers that are a must-read for us. To paraphrase you, you restore and uplift us. We have only recently become 'blogging friends' but I enjoy you and your salty, thoughtful and artful blog so very much. Shortly before we 'met', Rich and I gave some blogs an award. I went back to that June 25th post and added you as one whom we so appreciate. Please accept this from AskCherlock, knowing that you brighten our days. If you click on "Hot Cherlocks" it will take you back to that post where you can pick up your award.

Hugs, cher

Judie said...

Thanks, cowboy! We do know how to have fun!

Cher, thank you so very much! I was glad to find you, too! We have soooo much in common, and I am lucky to have you as a friend.

ChrisJ said...

One day, I'd love to join you for a glass (or three) of wine.

My mom rarely drinks, and after just one, will tell anyone exactly what she thinks of them - has been both funny and somewhat embarassing!

Judie said...

Actually, that could happen if we ever take another trip with our Canadian cousins who live in Banff! I haven't been to BC since 2001. We came off the ferry in Prince Rupert, one night, and awoke the next morning to see the second plane hit the twin towers. Not a happy trip. Rod had to buy me a Neil Patterson painting at a gallery in Banff so I would stop crying.

You would love my cousin, Laura! She and I together have crazy good fun! We are soooo BAD! The two guys, Rod and his cousin Fred, just roll their eyes and pretend they just picked us up for a good time.

Give me a third glass of wine, and there is just no telling what you will learn about me! If that happens, I may have to shoot you in order to keep my secrets safe!

Sarah said...

I'm not a good drinker, but I'm practicing so that I can keep up with all of you when one day we party together!

Judie said...

Sarah, actually I am not a very good drinker either. I can't seem to pace myself very well because I am afraid I might miss something fun, unless I'm the hostess. Then I want everyone else to get happy so I can watch them all have fun and know that I had a hand in it.

Joann Mannix said...

Judie, you have become one of my very best blogging buddies. My BBB. And I feel the exact same way about your blog. It is a haven, a place to come to for inspiration and fun.

And your tan rocks it, girl! What are you, a little Mexican yourself? i couldn't be that tan if I sat under a broiler all day.

Judie said...

Does this mean I can come to your house and hang out at your pool? It's way bigger than mine!

I will probably regret my tan this winter when it fades and all the wrinkles show up. If you could see the freckles, you would know I'm no Mexican!

Seriously, though. we really are BBB's!

Angelia Sims said...

Oh! Soapy baby toes! Aweeee!

I love the additions you added. Very nice!

Now, why can't you plan these super secret meetings closer to me. I can't stop after the first glass either and I would have definitely encouraged you to dance on the table, being I'm sure that's what the speaker said to do (hey, I don't hear so well either).

:-) What a fun and crazy time. LOVED reading about it and now I really feel the need for a margarita tonight. Woot!

Juliana Matthews said...

Judie: tell the dermatologist to go hang - the tan looks great on you :)

nothingprofound said...

Judie-I'm dying to know if Michaelangelo's is the former Leonardo's, one of my favorite old Tucson restaurants. And i agree with Juliana, the tan looks great.