Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The Rogue Speaks:

The editorial cartoon, I mean. You all know that I am not tech savvy, so the only way I could figure out how to make it big enough so you could actually read it and laugh along with me was to use a gadget. Works for me!

So let's talk about those idiots Fitz is referring to in his cartoon. They used to really piss me off, but now, not so much. Now I just find them annoying and stupid. They have been fueled by the right-wingnut conservatives who have wound them up like the Energizer Bunny, and they keep going and going. First, they were mad that Obama was a member of Rev. Wright's Christian church, and now they're outraged because they think Obama's secretly a Muslim (I know, Fitz, but I liked yours better).

I guess I should be a little scared that there are SO MANY idiots in America today, listening to the wingnuts' and Fox, and Rush Limbaugh, who is in my opinion a genuine sociopath. He has the innate ability to know just how to push people's buttons and garner their support by fueling their rage. He does it only for money and fame, but they haven't figured that out yet, and may never!

O.k., well, I am a little scared. It is so hard to get through to some of these people! They have just enough education to know how to read, but not enough to recognize fact from fiction. We are going to see more and more of these idiots if funding to education keeps dropping.

I know what you're thinking--"she's going back to her 'art and music in schools' jag." Well, maybe. You have to agree that creative people like artists, musicians, and writers, just aren't as narrow-minded and mean-spirited as those ultra-conservative types.

You have to agree that better education produces more informed, more creative members of society, exactly the kind of individuals that we want to run our country in the future. It's sad that the idiots are too busy being enraged to see that.


bluzdude said...

The dumbing down of America continues unabated, led down the path of cultural illiteracy by clowns like Beck and Limbaugh, both of whom will come out against any point their "enemy" has makes, even if they themselves are on tape supporting the very same issue from an earlier time.

askcherlock said...

Great cartoon, Judie! I like the fact that these "right-wing nut conservatives" are splintering their own party. Now how dumb do you have to be to do that? And I do think you have a valid point about creative people not being as narrow-minded. We think outside the box and are not rigid like some tin soldiers. Can you imagine putting conservatives in an art class? They would have to do paint-by-numbers because numbers are all they know!

Judie said...

Well, I hope you got the BIG version of the ed. cartoon, so you could actually read it. I've been fiddling around with this thing for an hour, trying to make it work.

Limbaugh really is a sociopath. He fits all the criteria!

Judie said...

Cher, I had the same trouble posting the cartoon as you did with my painting. Thank God we can think outside the box!

Sarah said...

It is funny how they attack Obama's religion no matter what it is. You have to laugh, or you'll be crying all day long.

Judie said...

Sadly, Sarah, it is more than his religion that they are attacking.

Angelia said...

One of the SC's I know (I call them Super Christians) posted a Facebook update that said Obama was responsible for the oil spill, that he caused it.
WHAT?!?! I was outraged and that was probably the nicest thing he had said about Obama since pre-election and beyond. Mean spirited is definitely the word that comes to mind.

I think he is probably one of the more genuine hearted presidents.

It saddens me to see so many beautiful people turn ugly. I am certain that is not what Jesus would have done. In fact, he hung out with what others called scum of the earth, but somehow they can't wrap their brain around that.

Funny cartoon! I could read it well. :-)

Judie said...

What surprises me the most is that these idiots make absurd statements so matter-of-factly, almost as if they know something we don't. Well, we know something they don't. We're right.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is right, you have to laugh or you'd cry all day long. Every now and then the smiles just don't appear and crying all day long is what you feel. I wish these average and below incomed right wingers could open their eyes at least for a day to see what sanity and the rest of us are trying to tell them. The right is very good at framing divisive issues and bringing them to the forefront but damn it, there are too many blind. ...Pray or cry??

Judie said...

Jesus wept.

TJ Lubrano said...

Hello hello Judie!!

Thank you for letting me know what you were up to in Holland! It sounds so cool & like a lot of fun! In case you didn't read it, I live in Rotterdam.

To be honest, I'm not that into politics, so I don't really know what's happening around the world. I know I should pay a bit more attention to it, but sometimes I feel that it's more about pointing fingers to each other and seeing who can insult the other the most. It's sad & stupid.

It's true that most artistic people are more open minded & can think outside the box. Also better education produces more informed/creative individuals. But what's important to me, is that they put their knowledge into good use. Sure they can have the knowledge, but if one is still bound by other factors, like preferences or lack of courage to act upon certain things or speak his mind...basically to just make a difference. If this doesn't change a bit as well, all still will be the same I think. Humans are such complex beings!

Have a lovely weekend!!

The Guy's Perspective said...

I find it scary too, but I truly think this is their "last" stand. The writing is on the wall. This country is becoming more and more of a melting pot, and those views will become more irrelevant in the big picture. They have to rely on fear to keep themselves in power.
Better education would help, but some people will always be ignorant. It's safer to not have a mind of your own.

Judie said...

I really should have added Glenn Beck to the mad scramble of idiotic people out there today.

Check out Bluzdude's post today.

art4allofu said...

I like the photo of keillor playing with his bath 'toy.' I also like your fabulously tan photo, but it's cut off at the shoulders so I can't see what YOU are playing with!!??

Judie said...

I am fiercely holding on to a glass of wine--What else?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed worrying when the accepted 'common sense', what we think we know about something, is about as far away from the truth as you can get. The tabloid media publish a particular angle on a story. Dumbo A reads it. He then tells Dumbo B his interpretation of it. Dumno B adds on a bit of embellishment to make it his own and goes and tells Dumbo C etc etc.
There are so many examples where the media has been used to generate scare-mongering. We have been doing it for 2000 years over here!

Angelia Sims said...

Love the new twin pics!!

Judie said...

Juliana, one faction has just gone too far. People like Limbaugh and Beck, and the ultra-conservatives have been "stirring up snakes to kill 'um" and it is bordering on the inane. Hmmm--actually it is inane.
Whatever common sense people may have had in the past has been replaced by fear of the bogey man.
Next thing you know, people will be clammering for exorcisms!

Angelia, they are adorable, aren't they? They are as cute as 13 buttons!