Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I is for IDIOT

The Rogue Speaks:

In Monday night's Republican debate, Gov. Rick Perry was asked a question regarding Turkey. His response was that Turkey was ruled "by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists." So today, Turkey is not happy with the remarks of the Texas governor. "Rick Perry: What an idiot," said Mustafa Akyol, a news columnist for Hurriyet Daily News.

It seems that Perry is totally ignorant of the fact that Turkey co-chairs the Global Counterterrorism Forum with the United States. It has been a member of NATO since Perry was only two years old!

Sadly, not one of the other candidates stood up for Turkey, a strong American ally. It just could be that they don't know the role Turkey plays in the fight on terrorism either. He insulted Turkey further by stating that the U.S. should cut off foreign aid to that country. Actually, Turkey doesn't receive foreign aid from us. If you don't know something, then just say you don't know. Don't make a total ass of yourself on national television. Perry's handlers should be pleading with him to quit the race, before he starts another war.

We all heard how Romney strapped his dog to the top of his car to go on vacation with his family. Romney said he knew that sounded bad, but the dog was actually in "an airtight container" on top of the car. AIRTIGHT CONTAINER?? REALLY?? Now we all know that Romney didn't mean what he said. It was just a poor choice of words, ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. But his poor choice of words scares me. It's not the first time this has happened with Romney. O.k., so he was nervous--I get that. But what if he made a poor choice of words while speaking to a foreign dignitary? What then??

Romney, a multi-millionaire, is so out of touch with the American people that he hasn't a clue as to just what it takes for us to keep ourselves afloat right now. He has screwed himself up many times while trying to convince America that Bain Capital was a GOOD company who tried to SAVE American jobs. He recently stated that he pays less taxes (15% tax rate) than others do. He's definitely one of the 1%, so PAY UP, BUDDY!! I guess he said that because he's being forced to release his income tax returns like the other candidates. Romney is just the kind of guy that OWS is talking about--His company made millions by bankrupting businesses and firing the employees. The last thing this country needs is a one percenter like Romney in the White House.

The people of South Carolina may be out of work, but they're not stupid. Newt Gingrich's remarks about food stamps was clearly racist. And he called Obama "the food stamp president." Does he realize just why so many people are on food stamps right now? Does the word "unemployed" ring a bell? Gingrich has the idea that the poor students in schools should clean the toilets there to make extra money for their families. Yes, he actually said that!! Just which poor students is he talking about?? I think we all know. Gingrich may be highly educated, and may know a lot about history, but when it comes to people skills, when it comes to compassion, Gingrich falls way short. And let us not forget the reason he lost his last job in Washington. "The meek shall inherit the earth," Newt, and that rules you out.

The words "fool" or "ignoramus" are probably a better choice of words to use in this post, but the word "idiot" just seems to have a nice ring to it when referring to the Republican candidates. Besides, Mustafa used it!

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot! Congress has a DISAPPROVAL RATING of 84%!! I propose renting a backhoe and cleaning those halls out! Those men and women are supposed to be working for US, not for themselves. Clear 'um out, America!!

Please hop on over to Jenny's blog and read the other lessons for Alphabe-Thursday. They're probably a lot nicer and more interesting than mine. Sorry, but the political process is kind of getting on my nerves. I feel compelled to keep up with it, though, because it is producing some pretty good laughs!!

I have left "The Way We Were/Memories" playing to accompany this post. It just seems apropos, because I definitely remember the way we were.

p.s. I have been trying to respond to a comment on MY OWN BLOG and Blogger won't let me do that, so I am adding that comment here:

Kerri, at the very beginning of this political
mess, I found myself getting so angry! I knew that was'nt healthy so I have tried to crank it back a few turns, and even though I still have a little of that ire left, I was mildly successful. Now, I am seeing some humor in these debates, and I hope the American people are seeing it as well.

Very few people actually know how the government operates. If they did, they would be a lot more thoughtful when they vote. I believe that we should think very strongly about a candidate's character when we go to the polls. What I don't believe in is voting for a person because of religious beliefs, if that candidate tries to force his beliefs on others who are not of his faith. I don't care if Romney is a Mormon. I have many Mormon friends, and our neighbors are Mormons as well. What I do care about is that he has money in offshore accounts where the US government can't get to it. I care about the fact that his company, Bain Capital, made financial gain from laying people off and trashing companies. I don't care if Gingrich is a Catholic. What I do care about is the way he treated his first two wives. Some people think that doesn't matter, but if he would cheat on someone whom he professed to love, and even SAID he wanted to have an open marriage, so he could continue to have sex with Calista, just how would he treat the American people?? He left his first two wives when they were at their most vulnerable. Would he hit us while we are at our most vulnerable if he were elected president? You bet!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

First of all, why doesn't the IDIOT drop out of the race. He has zero percent chance of getting the nomination.

I am umemployed. I'm trying my hardest to find a job that has benefits, because well, Insulin is super expensive. Newt should drop out too. Give it up.

I have no furture words of Romney. Or anyone in the Republican race. I also agree with your backhoe theory. Lets get ready to rumble.

Judie said...

Dazee, I was a little hesitant about this post. How are my readers going to react?? Well, I decided that it's now or never--put my views out there, or keep them to myself. Honesty is the best policy, though, so I decided to share my honest view of the current political process.

I have no idea why Perry is still in the race. Ego, maybe?? I don't know how much money he has, but it certainly can't be as much as Romney, so it's got to run out eventually.

Newt actually believes he has a shot at the presidency, he is just that arrogant. If it all comes down to a fight between Romney and Newt, I would love to see Romney take the gloves off. Unfortunately, those gloves are kidskin, and a little whimpy, but they ARE protecting his hands, which are probably as soft as a baby's butt, since he doesn't know what it's like to work until you ache just to make a living!!

Polly Janos said...

Amen! I quit my party of choice a few years back because as the D's and R's became radicalized there really was no distinguishing the two of them! ALL candidates, IMHO, are worried about lining their own pockets and have no interest in really helping their constituents. Great post.

bluzdude said...

Perry knows that the audience he's playing to doesn't know anything about Turkey either, except that they're a bunch of non-white fer-ners.

It's easier to get elected by sounding like you know what you're talking about than being accurate in delivering the truth.

Judie said...

Unless what you're saying is blatantly stupid....

Jenna Brianne said...

You just got me all fired up about how much I don't like the Republican party. I'm glad you put your opinions out for all to read. Stay brave and stay honest

Short and Sweet said...

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. I guess my leanings are more Libertarian than anything and I'm totally annoyed with both parties right now. It's "Dumb and Dumber" everytime I turn on the TV!

Bruce Coltin said...

Yes Judie, IDIOT is a very good word, and quite appropriate. Has anyone ever told you that your eyes twinkle when you're pissed?

As Kojak used to say: Who loves you, baby?

Lavender Cottage said...

Well we have idiots in Canada too, but not naming names.
Interesting to read yours and comments views.

Teresa said...

I must agree that there are some very scary candidates right now.

Judie said...

Well, at least I haven't lost any readers so far...

L.C., My husband is Canadian by birth, and we have lots of family in Alberta. We keep up with Canadian politics through our cousins, who give us the dope on just who are dopes!!

Bruce, I will ask you again--PLEASE GIVE US A NEW POST! Your readers miss you!

Annesphamily said...

Everywhere I go people dislike their government! I say it is major housecleaning time! A good ole boy is a good ole boy! I learned that at the ripe ole age of 18 when I started working in the county! Lordy! These good ole boys are everywhere! Alot of the women in office today are equal idiots! Our mail carrier told us a house of rep. here in Colorado berated him for asking the politician to add postage to his letter in the outgoing box! The jerk said "Do you know who I am? I do not have to pay for postage! So that could be the reason why the USPS is bankrupt too! Cut all their perks and make these big companies pay back every single penny they received from our tax dollars! The IRS is nothing more than a glorified bill collector on steroids! Where is all the money they rake in going???? All my friends from other countries come here legally and I am sick to death of this immigration! What a slap in the face to those who came here legally! A perfect quote for all these government idiots! "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." This quote has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln and Confucius! I could put my two cents in all day long! LOL!
Thanks for the post Judie!
Hugs Anne

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

As a Canadian I am a little out of the loop. Doesn't sound very good though.

Dani said...

You poor thing that you had to sit through this nightmare... all the better for us to read your very fun commentary. smiles. ps. the post on Cherlock isn't there yet. I keep checking. ;)

Short and Sweet said...

The Republicans and Democrats are "Dumb" and "Dumber" as far as I'm concerned. Too many politicians are in their comfort postage, great health care, gorgeous homes, perk after perk...who would want to rock that boat? Get rid of them all. Pass the buck and NEVER admit to anything.

Pondside said...

I pay close attention to US politics. First of all, we live on a piece of the country that is below the 49th parallel and closer to the US than to Canada. Second, whatever happens in the US will have a huge impact on us. Yes, we have our dopes too, but I could weep at what I see going on in those Republican debates.

anitamombanita said...

Good for you for speaking your mind (have you ever NOT spoken your mind? I haven't known you very long, but from what I've gathered, seems to me that would be out of character). Not only are the candidates frightening to me, but the voters who support them? You're only talking about the batch that remain...remember Michelle Bachmann? How about Herman Cain? YIKES!! At the same time that I find it frightening, I also have a hard time looking's like a train wreck. One thing for sure, it's keeping the media and the comedians employed!

Riet said...

Here in Holland we see candidates passing by.Don't knowanything about the background. I suppose Obama is alright, at least he is popular here.

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I just heard on the news that Rick Perry is pulling out of the race. He should have done that weeks ago. Now he can return to Texas and his $10,000 a month rental which is paid for by the Texas taxpayers. (They weren't able to find something less expensive that suited their needs.) The Governor's Mansion was being renovated when an arsonist set it on fire. (There was only one security guard...I guess to save money!) I believe the Texas taxpayers have been footing the bill for his security detail on the campaign trail too. Yes, it's time.

I always say that politics is a necessary evil in a democracy.

My parents loved politics, but I grew up hating it. I was a Young Citizen for Johnson at the 1964 Democratic Convention. They made me do it! :)

EG Wow said...

It's all so depressing to see how parochial so many politicians are nowadays. How can you want to run a country when you have no idea what's going on in the world? It's very, VERY scary.

Sue said...

I would love to oust every member of Congress and start fresh. Let them know that if they can't work together, they will get the boot.

Now, that's a movement to get serious about. Vote them all out and make a statement so the next batch realize they'd better compromise if they want to keep their jobs!


Kerri @OhMann! said...

And that, dear Lady, is why I canNOT watch any of it, or I will start agonizing over WHY I might have been thoughtless in bringing my 2 little boys into this horrible world!
I truly cannot watch the new anymore. I know I have a civic duty to stay informed....but, thank goodness my therapist gave me permission to turn it off!

Birgit said...

Whenever I read light text on black background, my eyes feel woozy after a short while. However, your post was worth it. Enough said! :)


Gattina said...

To me your post is really refreshing ! I mean finally somebody who understands what's going on ! If you would hear the Europeans about the Republican candidates they think all Americans are idiots !
They promise and promise miracles, and nobody has to pay taxes, they will find work for everybody, but who will pay for that ? the Republican millionaires with their money off shore ???

Nonna Beach said...

Wow Judie, fabulous rant and great use of the letter " I " and the word idiot and YAY, Perry is out of the race. ( I couldn't watch another debate at this point, ONE was enough ! )

Every time I get wound up over politics and some of the idiots in that very lucrative business, my blood pressure gets dangerously high and I feel faint. Maybe it's all the millionaires in office and the ones running for office that upsets me...but well then, that's Capitalism, which I much prefer to any other system of government hands down !!!

Leovi said...

Yes, well I put that idiot. Some politicians they deserve.

JJ said...

When we went on vacation, my wife strapped me to the top of the car in an airtight container. It wasn't that bad.

Judie said...

JJ, I know your wife, don't forget. I can see her duct taping your mouth and tying your hands, then shoving you in the back seat, but she's just not strong enough to get you on the roof of the car. Nice try, though.

Judie said...

Me, again. I just got this email from Becky Povich:

I can’t leave a comment on your blog, either… you said, even YOU can’t! Yours is doing what some of the other ones are doing….just giving me a blank page when I click on comments. Most or All that switched to Pop-Up comments or Full Page comments haven’t had any more problems. Is yours the embedded kind? I don’t remember….

Anyway, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT THE IDIOTS IN OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!! Love your Alfred E. Newman for Prez!!

Jo said...

I am with Pondside ... oh we have idiots in Canada as well, but your republicans ... they are just freakin' scary.

☆☆Mumsy said...

Idiot is the perfect choice to describe those that chose to make a fool out of himself/herself on National Television. I couldn't get over the "on a clear day, I can see Russia" type of thing..

mara_c said...

Well at least you can laugh at the blood sport of the repubs nomination process.

Ames said...

Well as you know, this is attempt number two. I hope you have worked out your issues with Blogger. I wanted say earlier today that's one Turkey down. A couple more to go. I loved this post. It was appropriate and at the perfect time too!~Ames

Jessica R. said...

Personally I want to see more of Ron Paul. I'm sick of the media completely ignoring him. He's much more in the libertarian vain and actually has a huge grass roots following. Too bad the Republican party is terrified of him.

Judie said...

Jessica, the only time anyone even pays any attention to Ron Paul is during a campaign year. When he's at work in Washington, from what I've heard, he's just referred to as that funny little man. He's definitely smart, but his isolationist views are not particularly popular on the whole.

Karen S. said...

Sometimes I have this crazy urge to walk around pretending I can't speak English.... it hasn't worked to wear ear plugs, and I'm too chicken to wear a mask, but sometimes the way things are being run in our beautiful America makes me want to just pack my bags and move away to... hm, see, still trying to figure that out as well. Every country has it's problems I guess....Oh I know....Maybe the moon! ha ha....

Cheryl D. said...

Great post! I'm a Democrat, so I've been enjoying the campaigning so far! It's been beyond entertaining. I can't believe that these candidates are the best the Republicans can come up with. If I were a moderate Republican, I would be mighty depressed right now!

Cheryl said...

Living in NH means we get over 12 months of campaigning BEFORE the debates even start. We are truly blessed ::snort::

I'm paying no attention to these idjits because, quite frankly, I don't need the headaches and I know I won't be voting for whichever idjit comes out on top going into the General Election. Besides, we've got some rather big issues in NH that warrant more attention than these dolts.

Andy said...

Hello Judie.
This is why I write poetry...not in the least bit controversial & definitely less aggravating. LOL
Thanks for sharing & visiting. Always a pleasure to see you.

Into Nothingness...

Sandy said...

Forgive me but I think their all Idiot's... although I vote every election and I listen/follow the entrants I just don't see anyone qualified for most of the jobs!
But, I enjoyed your post!

ChrisJ said...

Agree with everything you say.

I just saw the decision by the Tucson school board to ban books by native Americans, Hispanics, etc because they aren't "Greco_Roman."

Seems to be a case of collective insanity in parts of the U.S.

Judie said...

I may just start telling people that I live some other place besides Tucson, or even Arizona, for that matter. It is becoming more embarrassing every single day!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Bring on the backhoe! Seriously, I mean seriously, is this the best America has to offer??!

(one Turkey down! ha ha, Ames! You are so clever!)

Splendid Little Stars said...

PS: Recently, I was on your site and The Way we Were was playing. My husband wouldn't let me leave your site because he wanted to hear the song! (We share office space.)

BECKY said...

Hi Judie! Thanks for your e-mail, I'm so happy I can leave a comment again now! As far as the election goes...Let's all do a Write In Vote....who shall we vote for? Can't be Alfred E. Newman...gotta be someone alive...I know...I vote for Loretta LaRoche! She's smart and hilarious:

Judie said...

Becky, thanks for the link to Loretta's blog. I'm heading there now to check it out!!

Esther Joy said...

Wow, Judie, you have so much passion, you ought to run for office!

Actually, it was a remark like that which put my husband into the political arena. He was criticizing the way local government was run. I got tired of his griping, and asked him what he planned to do about it. He ran for quorum court and was a justice of the peace for 6 years before running for State Senate which he served on for 8 years until term limits got him out.

askcherlock said...

You are spot on---all counts! The paltry selection of GOP candidates says so much about why this country is knee-deep in problems. If this is the best they have to offer, it is a sad commentary on the state of our nation. Absolutely fabulous post, Judie!

Have Myelin? said...

Romney reminds me of a game show host.

I can't imagine a President named after a lizard.

Santorum, sigh. No comment.

Same for Obama. No comment.

Ron Paul. At first I thought he was very frail. Now, I think everyone else appears weak on foreign defense. Here's why...I thought about the one thing he said. Suppose China bought land next to your city. And brought their military craft to "fly around". Would it piss you off? Of course it would.

Well we do it all the time in multiple countries. No wonder we appear arrogant.

Ron Paul doesn't appear frail to me anymore, they do.

Jenny said...

I just made that remark to my husband the other day.

You reiterated quite perfectly the emotions I have in these political times. It was an idiotic world of late.

If you run, I will totally vote for you!

Thanks for the thought provoking post.


Judie said...

If I had a net adjusted income of $21,000,000, I might run. No! That's just a blatant lie! I would buy a very nice place on the beach in Bali, large enough for us and a group of close friends and family, and then when the stupidity of politics became too much for me, I would simply leave for a while. Oh! and a corporate jet, so I could fly my friends over for a nice vacation after their kitchen remodel.

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