Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

Since I missed last week's Alphabe-Thursday, I am combining the letters "O" and "P" and hoping the teacher won't notice.  She's way too busy unpacking and setting up her new REAL kitchen, I think.  I really could add "R" to this post, and if  my hands aren't working next week, I might consider that, and just leave this up.  I stole the picture below from my friend Bluz's post, incidentally!!

America has had enough of this SOCIOPATH (he fits the psychiatric definition to a tee).  It is his only purpose in life to incite the undereducated, angry, narrowminded people in this country.  I think that Ms. Fluke should sue him for slander.  I think all his advertisers and radio stations should dump him like the moldy stuff stuck in the back of the fridge--the stuff one smells upon opening the door!

Rush was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri in 1951.  His father was somewhat disappointed in Rush because he  couldn't seem to apply himself to anything more that just talking a lot about stuff.  After high school, which was definitely not his finest hour, he went to Southeast Missouri State, but became a dropout after only one year.

He loved radio, because he loved  the sound of his own voice, but was fired from practically every job he had because he was said to be "too controversial."  He just couldn't seem to keep his fat mouth shut!  When he finally landed his current show, I think he decided to put his sociopathic brain to work in order to garner support.  I think he said to himself, "I should try to think like an undereducated, angry, narrowminded, religious fanatic!!  I can read that person's mind!  I'll just say what that person is thinking!  I'm brilliant!  My 'talent is on loan from God!' (that last bit is an actual quote, by the way)."

He's a drug addict, as we all know, but did you know that when the police investigated, they also found that he had 57 Viagra pills that were not prescribed for him.  Maybe he thought they were TicTacs.  Wait! What is the masculine word for "slut?"  Speaking of sex, this freak of nature has been married four times.  The first two marriages lasted two and three years, and the third marriage lasted ten.  "Why so long?" you ask.  Well, maybe it was because they 1. didn't live in the same house, and 2. they were never seen in public together.  What does that tell you??  He married his current wife in June of 2010.  The jury is still out.

I believe that Rush Limburger should be dropped from the airways.  Other commentators have been dropped for going too far, so why should he be any different?  If you read my Saturday Centus, you know that I have a little fire theme going, left over from my post on Nero.  So let's cover him with pitch and set him on fire!  With all that blubber, he should keep burning for at least a week!

So long, Rush!!!
youtube Bonfire by Craig Morgan


Jo said...

So .... Your telling us that your a fan of Rush??? (j/k) Love your honesty and opinion on this topic, I'm pretty sure that most sane, rational, fair people will hold the same views of yourself ... and hey, two letters together ??? last week I did 3!

Ames said...

Wow. Stupid is as stupid does. ...Not you! Him, Mr. Limpburger.

So glad you got that off our chest. I love a woman that speaks her mind!~LYMI~Ames

Karen S. said...

What an adorable photo of's the best he's ever taken! Oh I wish this last photo of yours was in fact taken from a true story...I too just wish he'd go far away too...The totally sad thing about him truthfully even for those who do follow and adore him, seriously? REALLY?!!I'm sorry but I kind of me if I'm wrong, I have been before.....BUT! He's really just about fame and bringing home the money.....seriously!
Proof is in the drugs he took, while he complained on air (raking in big money) about others using or taking drugs....just as one example!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hah! Limburger cheese isn't as stinky as his ridiculous rants. It truly scares me that there are people out there who listen to this moron..

Maybe he just is so sad about his limpburger that he feels it necessary to take it out on other people!

love it!



bluzdude said...

The resulting grease fire would burn for eternity, much like that underground coal fire in the Appalachians. Probably smell just as bad too.

Pondside said...

The man is unbelievable - why is he still on the air? Are there really people who like to listen to him? It boggles the mind.

Esther Joy said...

LOL, Judie! I really think you need to run for a political office!

Denise said...

I made a weak allusion to this at the end of my post today. Why was it weak and just an allusion? Because I'm basically week, I guess. Thank you so much for telling it like it is. This man is scary.

beckyp said...

I have never listened to him and am not about to start. great post

nothingprofound said...

I don't own a TV or radio so have no idea who this person is. But I'll take your word for it and lend you some kindling if you need it.

ChrisJ said...

Isn't it interesting that he is against birth control. but as there have been no offspring from 4 marriages, it makes one wonder.

JJ said...

Judie: I love that you don't mince words. His actions were clearly inappropriate. I feel the same about Bill Maher. His attack on Sarah was an assault upon all women.

Annesphamily said...

If people aren't tuned in to the Kardashians (yuck, blah, ugh) they are listening to this baloney. Meanwhile our government is stripping us of our rights daily. As the world says "Only in America". Amen! Americans are so amused with all this ridiculousness! It makes me sick! If this dip stick isn't bad enough tune in to Fox News. God knows our own government keeps the eyelids of America shut with that junk! Ack! Then there is Don Imus! Unsure of the spelling of the weirdos name but boy does he captivate an audience.Of idiots! How anyone with the intelligence of a nat can stomach any of these loud mouths on the radio and T.V. is beyond me! A C K ! Instead of believing everything they read or hear some important person tell them people ought to do their own research. Like this internet crude called snopes. I once asked them to tell me who funds them? Gee, a flitting fairy with cash I guess! I never heard from them. I am like Will rogers. I believe half of what I see and nothing of what I read in todays world!

anitamombanita said...

oh, don't even get me started on Rush...he's a vile disgusting pig. And honestly, I'm also disgusted with the likes of Michelle Bachmann and others who refuse to call him on it...I don't understand why they're all afraid of him. I'm sick of people with no backbone; people who call themselves good upstanding Christians who refuse to stand up and speak out against something that is about as unChrist-like as you can get!

askcherlock said...

Well done, Judie! Let's see to it that more sponsors drop this wretched man from spewing his misogynist hatred over the airwaves.

Lola said...

Hi Judie!

Eek! Don't get me started on politicians ...!

Great post - as always,

Love to Liz & Mulligan,

XOXO Lola:)

PS that pic above is a bit how I feel first thing in the morning!!

Sandy said...

Thanks for your funny comment Judi.. the rose turning into a beanstalk.. you sorta scared me knowing that little plant will turn into a huge rose
Happy Spring

Gattina said...

Of course I don't know this guy, but of what you are writing about him, he must be quiet "special" probably a sex addict too, which had been declared recently as a "disease" !! Like alcoholics.

Riet said...

I never heard about this man and I am glad I didn/t know him. H is not worth much as I can read here. :)))

☆☆Mumsy said...

He, along with so many reality shows should be in that big fury fire..I love your strong honest opinion, Judie!

Jenny said...

Do you remember PJ's series on Rush? I think you two need to have lunch!

I'm not a fan either, although I am not articulate enough about politics to express this as well as you did.

Thanks for sharing your honesty, Miss Judie!


Splendid Little Stars said...

Limpburger! (Ames) ha ha!
He is one sick man.
Where do we get these people?

Splendid Little Stars said...

PS: Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog while I was on vacation.