Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Warming My Own Heart

The Rogue Speaks:

The last seven months have been extremely stressful for us, and I am really grateful to start fresh with a new year.  Being at St. George Island over Christmas allowed things to quiet down briefly, and I was able to pursue one of my favorite pastimes--beach-combing--so I could add to my collection.  I will share more about that in a later post, however.

I decided a few days ago to deactivate my Face Book page.  I found I was spending way too much time there, and only occasionally did something useful come from it.  A few days before, I came across a quote that spoke very strongly to me.  It was so meaningful that I have decided to share it here:

This is my offering for Warm Heart Wednesday.  Sometimes we just need to step back and view The Big Picture to set us back on the right track in our lives.  Please check out the other offerings on our sweet Jenny's blog.  Thanks!!


carol l mckenna said...

What a beautiful quote and so relevant ~ glad you got to do some beach combing ~ it always so healing and cleansing for the Spirit ~ Happy New Year to you ^_^

Wishing you a happy week, ^_^

Betty said...

What a great quote! I'm going to try and remember.

I bet it's cold on the beach. I haven't walk on the beach in years and Galveston is only a half hour away. Usually it's too hot, but this time of year would be good. Have you ever found sea glass? I see it sold, but I've never found any on a beach.

Judie said...

Betty, we were on the Gulf coast of Fla., and the temps were in the mid-seventies. Meanwhile, in Brunswick it was 85!!!

Susan Anderson said...

Love the quote and agree wholeheartedly!

I can also relate to your decision to leave FB, which is something I think about occasionally as well. For now I'm staying, mainly because it's a great way to follow the lives of my children's friends as they move all over the country and begin their families. I love watching them make their way in the world, up close and personal.


Judie said...

Sue, I used to do that as well, but decided that FB is just too impersonal. If I want to know how things are going, I call them.

Jenny said...


What an absolutely perfect day for me to read that quote! It's wonderful. I've also always liked (definitely paraphrasing here) "The way someone else feels about you is none of your business."

I'm so glad to read you are looking forward.

Sometimes the past is just too weighty too hold onto.

Thanks for sharing.

Blessings and