Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Friday, October 18, 2013

Vacation Photos

The Rogue Speaks:

On occasion, I have posted a few vacation photos on my blog, and so have some of my blogging friends.  Many of them are very talented, and I always enjoy seeing them.  BUT please don't invite me over to see the 100,000 photos you took while on vacation.  I especially don't want to see these--"That's me by the fountain."  "Also me by the fountain."  "another angle of the fountain."  "Me again." "This one's a little blurry, but if you squint, you can see me with my husband Todd in the background."  ARRRRGGG!!!   Actually, you can show me ONE of the fountain.  But since I already know what you look like, DON'T BE REDUNDANT.  And for God's sake, throw that blurry one OUT!

"Are we having fun yet???"
(poor photo planning)
I used to save every single photo, but not any more.  If you must save the ones that failed, PLEASE don't show them to me.  Instead, cut them up and make a collage!!!  Then hang it in the master bath, preferably above the toilet.

Do you really think that your friends want to be subjected to every single hour of your vacation commemorated in a photo???  Just how many photos of the Alps can you have in your collection?  If you say 100, please forget my name and phone number.  Just pick out the very best 2 or 3 to show to your friends, and put the rest AWAY!!!!!

Please don't show me photos that you took of family members in the car while you are driving along.  And don't take photos of people with their mouths full of food.  Don't show me every single plate of food that you consumed while away.  I know what food looks like.

Unless your hotel room looks like it last hosted the Sultan of Brunei, don't add those 20 photos to your collection.  If it does look like the Sultan stayed there, please don't show me the toilet area.  Again, show 2 at the most!! (just NOT the toilet!)

O.k., let's say that you spent your vacation at a very large family reunion.  "That's my second cousin, Jed, or maybe Jude.  I don't remember."  We're happy that you have a large family, we just don't want to see them.  Unless, that is, they are highly unusual and entertaining.  That's doubtful, though, eh??

Finally, put yourself in MY shoes.  Would you want to come to my house and see all of MY vacation photos?  Hmmm, I didn't think so.

That's my offering for Alphabe-Thursday.  Feel better, Miss Jenny!  We all adore you!!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

U is for Un

The Rogue Speaks:

My friend, Rocky Mountain Woman, expected me to expostulate about the state of affairs in America today.  I decided to oblige her with this post.

Congress, in a most unprincipled way, is determined to undermine the American citizens by shutting down the government.  These selfish brats need to put on their "big boy" panties, and think about the ramifications of the unmitigated gall they are currently displaying.  Everyone in this country is being hurt by their actions.  Workers are not being paid, Head Start is closed down, and the parents are scrambling to find child care so they can continue to go to work, or to school, in order to better themselves, the national parks are all closed, and the small businesses that service visitors to the parks are hemorrhaging money.  NOAA is shut down except for its executives, and the list goes on and on.  God forbid that we should suffer some unexpected national disaster while all this crap is going on!!!  Everyone is being hurt EXCEPT Congress.  They are still being paid, and their private gym is still open, so they have nothing to lose, they think.  They are holding America hostage, and they don't give a rusty f*** about who is getting hurt.

When are the voters in America going to wake up and realize that Congress is no longer serving them?  This country had finally begun to dig itself out, turn itself around, and our future was looking brighter than it had since 2008.  Then these mean spirited, selfish bigots stepped in, determined to tear down every step we had made toward recovery.  The American people are very uneasy and unhappy with the current state of affairs, and have told Congress to get our country running again, but those words have fallen on deaf ears.

The American people wanted The Affordable Care Act, and it is now A LAW.  But Congress doesn't like it and they want it to go away.  People are flocking to the websites in droves, yet some "red states" are refusing to cooperate in helping their citizens sign up for this health care program.  Congress doesn't care what the American people want--they have their own insurance, and the rest of us be damned.  They have put an undue burden on America, and that is NOT what they were elected to do.

Here's what I think we need to do:  THROW THE B******S OUT OF OFFICE!  They are not serving their constituents--they are only serving themselves.  They have become uncontrollable!!

There was a time in this country when the only perk one received upon being elected was the honor of serving the people.  Now they have benefits and perks coming out their a**es.  They think they are invincible!!  Show them, America, unequivocally that THEY ARE NOT.

Congress, get your sorry butts back to work FOR THE PEOPLE!  Pay America's bills!  Increase the national debt limit so this country isn't embarrassed and downgraded! Stop being so underhanded, so ungodly, so  unbearably selfish, so unconscionable in your behavior!!!  Do the right thing for America, for a change!!!

This concludes my offering for Alphabe-Thursday.  I am going to hop over to Jenny's blog and read some of the other offerings.

Friday, October 4, 2013


The Rogue Speaks:

I was going to write a little bit about this, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow.

Linking up with Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday! I meant to do it yesterday.  Hahahahahaha!!!