Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

MADDIE, 2012

The Rogue Speaks:

Before you read my offering for Saturday Centus, let me give you a little background.  The day that Maddie turned 12, she had announced that she was now a big girl who no longer needed the comfort of the rocking chair, or her favorite doll.  She asked her dad to put them in the attic, to save them for when she had a little girl of her own.  That was before the horror of that warm spring evening, when everything in Maddie's life changed forever.  The following is the first post I wrote about Maddie, for a Saturday Centus on May 14, 2011. It takes place in 2010:

 The attic lay silent in the heat of an August sun. Beams of sunlight, shimmering with dust motes, fell across the glass of the old mirror. Maddy stood transfixed, her wide eyes staring back at her from the reflection in the mirror. The image she saw was that of the child she used to be.

Slowly, she turned and found her place in the little rocker. Sitting down with her baby doll held gently in her arms, she began to rock and sing. Then she became aware of her father, standing beside her.

"Hi, Maddy," he said. "What are you doing?"

Here is the second part of Maddie's story, which I submitted on May 21, 2011:

In the stillness of an August afternoon, Maddy sat rocking, softly singing, "Hush, little baby, don't you cry..." Her sweet voice echoed in the dusty attic.

"Where is she?" Simon asked.

"In the attic--where else?" Maren replied. “She’s there every day, now. Rocking. Rocking and singing. I should be glad, I guess. I know where she is.”

Simon, frowning slightly, climbed the stairs.

"Hi, Maddie!" he said cheerfully. "What are you doing?"

"Just practicing," came the reply.

"Practicing?" he asked.

"Yes. When I grow up, I want to be just like Mama!"

“That’s good, baby, that’s good!”

Now, here is part three of Maddie's story.  The prompt is in bold type.

Maddie, 2012

He brought Maddy's old rocker down from the attic to the porch, where he removed the dust and cobwebs, and polished it until it shone like a new penny. Then he placed it in her bedroom.

"Maddy's coming home," he thought to himself, "and I want things to look as normal as possible. She needs 'normal'."

After tidying up the bedroom, he placed her favorite doll in the chair, and added a vase of fresh flowers on her desk.  The chair dominated the small room.  He stood back and admired the vignette, satisfied that it looked as if Maddy had only been away for a day.

That's it for this week, Centusians!  I hope you found my little story interesting.  It's been a challenge trying to write this morning with a 17 pound Mulligan constantly trying to get in my lap.  He's such a baby, and needs the comfort of his mom close by all day long!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

Well, this is certainly something new!  For our Saturday Centus, Jenny has given us six words in which to describe ourselves.  I can do that!  Remember, one of the rules I live by is that "brevity is the soul of wit."   I have just gotten home from a board meeting and lunch with my BFA, and I am really ready to take a nap.  Board meetings are soooooo tiresome, but I did come up with a way to make them shorter.  When it was my turn to give my report, if anyone interrupted me (and that includes my BFA) I let them know in a very strong and firm voice, "PLEASE DO NOT INTERRUPT ME!"  After the second time, everyone got very quiet, and the meeting continued in an abbreviated manner, which is only as it should be. I always manage to get my responsibilities completed effectively.  Yes, I can be a smarty pants, and I take no prisoners.  I can also laugh at the appropriate times.

So here is my six word bio.  With all these short pieces, you really should have plenty of time to read every entry.  I certainly will.


Old soul!

O.k., so I took my nap, then came in to read the offerings so far, and discovered that I forgot to enter my own!! It's now 5:30 p.m.!  I need to get away and lie on a beach somewhere!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

M is for MAKING informed decisions!

The Rogue Speaks:

Yes, I know how late I am with this!  I just couldn't seem to decide on an "M" word to write about!!  I am committed to Alphabe-Thursday, however, because it is always so much fun!  When you read the other offerings, you'll see just why that is!!!  Also, I had asked permission from a certain website to use one of their posters for this post, and they haven't gotten back to me yet, so I had to just go with my own stuff.  My BFA thinks that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, but with my luck right now, I would probably get sued!!

It's hard to know these days just what the truth is in this wild political  process that is unfolding before our eyes.    So much mud getting thrown around, so much criticism, and so many lies, and that's just on ONE side!!  When one of those people finally gets chosen to represent the Republican party, how on earth are the others planning on rallying around a contender that they have smeared so thoroughly in the last months?????

It certainly pays to be well-informed about the issues, and the only way we can do that is by researching just what's true and what is a bunch of crap!  How many people do you think will actually go to the trouble of doing that??  I can tell you from experience that there is more than a boatload of people out there who are "one issue voters."  I can also tell you why, I'll bet.  Laziness!!!  They had rather sit around watching reality t.v. in their spare time.  Actually, these days one must really search the listings to find programs that do not fall into this genre!  It is pretty disgusting to me.

I am beginning to consider round-the-clock news as reality t.v.  because so many of the shows are either too far right or too far left.  That's where research comes in!  When you hear something that seems to be a little too absurd to actually be true, CHECK IT OUT!  And when those over-the-top emails start filling your inbox with preposterous and slanderous messages about the other side, then challenge them!  I have challenged them even when they come from my side of the fence!  Sometimes, the other side just doesn't need any help looking ridiculous--they seem to be doing that job all by themselves, so just stay out of the way and leave them to it!

Before the last election, many of my Republican acquaintances were jamming my inbox with a lot of garbage, and some of it was pretty disgusting.  I let them know it, too!  Many of these people were church-goers, and one woman in particular just wouldn't stop.  I sent her an email telling her that I had always thought because she was a regular church-goer, she was a Christian as well, but that I guess I was wrong because the email she sent was definitely not one Jesus would approve of, and to just think about it.  I never get any more political crap from her.

Well, the dogs have started their afternoon bark-off, with Mulligan at his howling best, so it's time to close this and get it posted before Jenny's deadline!  First, I'm letting those bad children out back so they can bark and howl at Paula, my crazy neighbor, and her cousin/husband.  I love it when they do that!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

You were only 48 years old!  Way too young to leave us with only your beautiful voice to remember you by.  Good night, Whitney.  We'll always have you in our hearts.


The Rogue Speaks:

It's time for some Saturday Centus fun, from Jenny Matlock who writes "Off On My Tangent."  If you haven't participated in this writing exercise, you simply must!! Jenny has given us a prompt, and an extra 100 words with which to be creative.  Sometimes I'm serious, and sometimes not, but I always try to be very creative.  The prompt for this week, "the wedding was at the firehouse," just screams for a little whimsy, so here is my offering:


The boiler heaved its last breath
And the basement erupted in flames.
The cinders hit the old toy box,
Igniting the dolls and games.
It quickly raced to the top of the steps
And reached the kitchen door,
Then bursting through with a white hot hue,
It skated across the floor.

The wedding was at the fire house.
“I knew that first moment,” he swore,
“When I saw her face in that big burning place,
That I would search no more.”
“I ran up the ladder and saved her,
And she thanked me for her life.
Then we both knew, as most lovers do,
We’d be happy as fireman and wife!”

This Saturday Centus is in honor of Jenny's sister's wedding, which is being held in a firehouse.  I have no idea how the happy couple met, but I don't think it was anything like my little poem suggests.  Now please go to Jenny's blog and read the other offerings!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

Matthew 19:21-22

Jesus said unto him, If thou wouldst be perfect, go, sell that which thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me. But when the young man heard the saying, he went away sorrowful; for he was one that had great possessions.

WHAT!! You think HEATHENS can't know about the Bible?  Well, this heathen does, and it's the "Red Letter Edition" as well.  For those of you who don't know what that means, in that edition the words of Jesus are printed in red  (That's nice to know, especially if you are curious about how many times Paul actually quotes Jesus in his writings).  To hear a wealthy person say that he "doesn't care about the poor.  The poor have a safety net."  is shocking to me, especially when that wealthy man claims to be a Christian.  I think that's what greed does to people.   Enough of that, though--let's get on with my Alphabe-Thursday lesson for Miss Jenny.

THE JUMPER,  conclusion - "Love Will Find A Way"
Aaron's words had the desired effect, and he and Miriam held their breath as their father, his shoulders drooping, swung his legs back over the balcony, and stood up.  Two officers quickly took his arms to prevent him from changing his mind, and guided him back into the living room of his condo.  Aaron and Miriam embraced him, and walked with him to the sofa.

After all the officers had left, and they were alone, he began to speak. "I have done some horrible things in the last few years.  I have hurt a lot of innocent people, and I am so ashamed and filled with regret.  I just don't know how to make things right again.  The two of you, and your mother have been my whole life, and I wanted to give only the very best to you.  I wanted us to never have to worry about anything.  I thought money was the way to do it.  Now, I don't know how I can undo the wrongs I have done."

"Dad, what are you talking about?  What did you do that was so horrible?" Miriam asked. "We have had a wonderful life because we knew that you loved us!  The material things never mattered!  We were a family!  You and mom were the best parents because you both were caring and supportive!  That's all we ever needed."

"I made a lot of money--a LOT of money!" he said. "But people lost their homes because of me.  I sold them mortgages that they couldn't afford, and when they couldn't pay, I took their homes!  Not only that, but I bet against them.  Their loss was my gain--more money for me!"

"Derivatives!"  Aaron said.  " I knew it! I thought that's what you were telling me when Mom got sick.  I thought you would be worried about the ourtageous cost of her treatment, but you told me that it was covered by certain funds you were involved in.  I was right, wasn't I,  Dad? "

"Yes, son, derivatives--the derivative market.  Those poor people!  They lost while I got richer every day. I am so ashamed!  I hate myself for what I have done.  How can I ever make this right??  I know you must hate me now, too."

"Dad, we could never hate you!  You are our father, and we will always love you!" Miriam cried.  "Aaron, I don't understand this derivatives thing,  but isn't there something we can do about this?"

"Yes, " Aaron replied. "We can give it back."

"Aaron, do you know what that means?  You and your sister will have no inheritance!"

"We are fine, Dad.  We are both fine.  We don't need it.  Miriam has a wonderful  career as a design engineer, and my career in medical research not only pays well, it is the most satisfying thing I have ever done in my life.  What we do need is you. It's time you retired, anyway.   We need you to be part of our lives and our children's lives.  We will take care of you the way you and Mom took care of us--with love and devotion."

"Dad, Aaron is right!  Let us take care of you.  This place is too big for you anyway!  Sell it!  Come live with me and Phillip and the boys!  The guest house is just perfect for you!  And you can work in the garden!  You always loved that when we were small.  All those beautiful flowers that we helped you plant!  And the vegetables that we grew from seeds!  I was always in awe that those little seeds sprouted and grew. I want my children to know you the way I did, and I want you to be a part of their lives.  Please, Dad!"

"I'll go with you to the office on Monday," Aaron said.  "We'll go through your files, and find those people.  I'll get Mark Woodward to handle the transactions.  You remember Mark!  He was my best friend when I was young, and he still is.  What do you say, Dad?  Does that sound like a plan?"

"I don't know, Aaron.  I don't want to be a burden to you and Miriam."

"A burden??  Dad, you could never be a burden!  You and Mom loved us and helped us to grow into responsible  adults with families of our own.  You cared for us!  Now it is our turn to show you just how much we love you and appreciate you for the wonderful father you have been.!  Let us care of you!!  We can make this thing right, Dad, and give those people back their lives," Aaron said warmly, taking his father's hand. 

"Come home with me tonight, Dad.  I don't want you staying here by yourself," said Miriam, and she went to fetch a few clothes.

After locking the door to the condo, he paused, remembering his sweet and gentle wife, and the life they had shared together.  He thought of all the hurt he had caused with his greed, and then he looked at his two loving children, and realized that he must have done something right after all.
He cried.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little story.  Now please go here for my continuation of last week's "Kids" post, Loveable Kids!


The Rogue Speaks:

Last week's collection of KIDS was certainly a lot of fun for everyone.  I hope you all clicked on the captions and visited all the blogs.  If you haven't, please go here.

My lesson for Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday has lots of new photos of blogging friends who were eager to participate this week.  Check these beauties out:


Among these photos is one of my friend, Cher Duncombe.  She has just started a new blog and would love for everyone to stop by and leave a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please take a peek at the school work of the other students in Miss Jenny's class! Please go here for my other Alphabe-Thursday post, the conclusion of The Jumper.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

Yikes!  It's Sunday, and I am writing my Saturday Centus!  I think I have too much on my plate right now, and it's not peas, either!  Jenny Matlock at Off On My Tangent took a suggestion from Nonna once again and gave us a cute prompt.  I can do cute.  I can also do mindless, so here is my mindless little poem, an ode of sorts to my husband, Rod, and our marriage.  The picture you see is of us in St. Thomas on our honeymoon in 1986, and those shorts, if I still had them, would still fit.  Rod's hair is wavy, and it's waving good-bye.  The prompt is in the title.


Here we are
Two peas in a pod.
You say something
And I nod!
We love reading,
We love art.
You know the secrets
Of my heart.
When we dine,
We eat the same,
We even share a
Common name!
Oh, we’re different,
In some ways.
I’m a night owl,
You love days.
But we both love dancing
When the music plays.
We love our children,
We love our pets,
And that’s as perfect
As it gets!
You’re my husband,
I’m your wife,
And we have
A happy life.
Sounds like we two
Have a winner.
Now, dear, take me
Out to dinner!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

First let me say that I have been having keyboard issues ALL DAY, and I can't post any more pictures.  I will do this again next week, so please send your photos to along with a link to your blog.

Ah, the joys of childhood!  We've all been there, and some of us are still there!!  I stole the following from my friend, Tony's blog.  I know he won't mind, though.

No ugly children in this group!  Isn't it nice to have such beautiful friends?  Try to guess just who these lovely children are, and if you don't have a clue, just click the captions on the photos and read some great blogs!!

I have TWO posts today, so go here for the next one!!!!


The Rogue Speaks:

O.k., so I have two posts for Alphabe-Thursday!  Others have done that, so I guess I can, too!  The only issue is my music, which I can't seem to coordinate between the two.   To read the first two chapters of the story, go here, then here.   So here is the contination of my story, The Jumper.


“Sir, your children are here. Don’t let them see you do this!”

An officer had led Miriam and Aaron into the living room, and through the slider, they could see their father sitting on the railing. He looked so very old and frail. Slowly, he turned his head toward them. He gazed at them through haunted eyes, then turned away.

“Can we talk to him?” Miriam asked. The officer nodded.

“Dad!” Miriam pleaded. “Please don’t do this! We love you! We need you! Whatever it is, we can get through it together!”

Aaron hugged his sister a little tighter, and stepped closer to the open door. “Dad, it’s not too late to make this thing right. We’ll work out a plan, the three of us. Please, Dad! Think of Mom! She wouldn’t want this! We need to stay together! For her sake! Come inside, Dad!”

Miriam turned to Aaron. “What thing? What did he do? Aaron, what thing?”

“Let’s just get him in, Miriam. We’ll talk about that later.”

Well, that's it for this week.  Come back next week for the next chapter!! Oh, and go here for the other post.