Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


"Desert Autumn" by Robert Wood (1889 - 1979)

The Rogue Speaks:

We all learned about chlorophyll in elementary school science class, so we know why leaves are green, but there is another very important component, xanthophyll, that makes leaves, flowers, fruits, and vegetables turn yellow by acting to moderate light energy.

When animals (including ourselves) ingest plant material containing the xanthophylls, it is metabolized and shows up in various ways. The macula lutea in our eye absorbs the xanthophylls, and is called the "yellow spot." You've been hearing a lot lately about lutein being good for our eyes, and it is one of the xanthophylls. Likewise, when chickens take in certain feed that is filled with xanthophylls, the eggs readily absorb it, causing the egg "yellow" to turn that yummy color!

The beautiful yellow leaves of fall, as seen in the painting by Robert Wood, come to us complements of the xanthophylls. Yes, we actually do have the theater of the seasons in the desert!! Van Gogh was grateful for xanthophylls, but he didn't realize it at that time in history.

When we lived in Tennessee, one of our favorite fall trips took us to the mountains to view the fall colors.

That's about all I have to say on the subject of xanthophyll, but in case you are interested, lycopene is what makes those beautiful RED fall leaves.

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Whimsical Wednesday -- "What Tha'...??"

The Rogue Speaks:

I had this photo on my left side-bar for a while with the question, "What Is This?" but no one seemed to know! I thought I would throw it in the Whimsical Wednesday mix to see if anyone bit! No, it is not one of those scary creatures from the show "River Monsters!"

Befor I got my new and better computer with all the fancy-shmancy programs on it, I used to love to play with altering and painting some of my photos. Now I haven't a clue just how to do much of anything but blog, because all the photo programs are WAY TOO COMPLICATED for me to understand.

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Now, here is the great reveal of just what the creature really is:

This is a close up of a section of trunk from a giant Saguaro cactus growing in my neighborhood!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


The Rogue Speaks:

Jenny thought I would jump right on this Saturday Centus prompt this morning, but I have gotten behind in my post reading this week, and wanted to try to get caught up, first. If you haven't read my Thursday post, please do, and you'll see why I am a little behind.

Since we have more words to work with today, I am just going to jump right in with my "conversation:"

"Where have you been??? I've been sitting here for thirty minutes!!"

"Long story. Let me have a drink, and then we'll talk. Waiter! Vodka Martini with three olives. Oh, and just wave the vermouth cork over the glass. Thanks."

"You look like you've been 'shot at and missed, and.....'"

"Don't!! Don't finish that line! That is exactly the way I feel! Do you have aspirin?"

"Sorry. Did you eat today? Do you want an appetizer? You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach!"


“So what’s going on????”

“Dirk and I are through. Remember that trip he took to Singapore? Well, he wasn’t alone. The president of the overseas branch called, looking for him, and he told me how much he enjoyed meeting me. I told him I’d have Dirk call.”

“Does Dirk know he called?”

“Ohhhh, yessss! He’s home, packing. Waiter!”

“Are you seriously ordering another Martini?”

“Guess not. Just the check, please.”

“Oh! You’re crying!!”

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The Rogue Speaks: - a person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field; broadly : nerd

When it comes to orientation--MY orientation--I am a wonk. I freak out a little when I don't know exactly where I am. I even have a compass. No, sillies! Not the art and geometry kind! I have a north south east west compass. I have to know EXACTLY where the sun is rising in the morning. I want to know in just what direction I am going when I am driving. Yes, I admit it--I have a fear of getting lost. When I am going south in Tucson, I am very careful to keep the Catalinas on my left. That way, when I am heading for home, they will be on my right.

The Great Pyramids are aligned to magnetic north. Each face of each pyramid is in alignment with the rotation of the earth. The word for pyramid means "fire in the middle" in Latin. I am not going to bore you with all the stuff I know about the special properties of the pyramids. Let me just say that I am seriously obsessed with magnetic north and just how it affects our lives.

I am also obsessed with time. I have clocks in every room in my house, and one room actually has THREE clocks. I want to know EXACTLY what time it is. I have a clock on my nightstand that sets itself daily by the satellite, which calculates the time in different time zones by Greenwich Mean Time.

The only problem with the satellite is that it doesn't know Arizona doesn't participate in Daylight Savings Time, so twice a year I have to alter my time zone to accomodate that stupid satellite.

We've had quite a traumatic week here so far. Liz was bitten in the mouth by a rattlesnake and has been in the hospital since early this morning. She is home now, after two vials of antivenon, despite the fact that she only weighs four pounds and thirteen ounces. The smallest dose for antivenon is for a dog weighing five pounds.

I hope you don't think that I am a complete nutcase, but I really love
Alphabe-Thursday.. Please check out the other offerings. We really put a lot of effort into our posts, and if you want us to respond to yours, well just get with the program!!!

P.S. This should really freak you out--I don't wear a watch!!!!!

Whimsical Wednesday - Carved Gourd Bird

The Rogue Speaks:

My offering for this week's Whimsical Wednesday is another gourd. This one is made in the form of a bird, and contains the body feathers of a peacock on his head and chest. This fellow is sitting on a piece of wood that I found in the desert. Gourds lend themselves to all sorts of creative endeavors!

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jenny's Cruel Prompt

The Rogue Speaks:

I hate to actually say it, but Jenny Matlock has a mean streak as wide as a skunk's stripe! She has really done it this time! She has brought us to our knees for this Saturday Centus. Oh, the humiliation! Grown-ups composing little songs about fall to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star!!

Well, just suck it up, Centusians! Swallow your pride! We are all creative adults, and we can do this! In fact, I did a couple, neither of which I am particularly proud. But, what the heck! It's only one Saturday out of many, right?

I have hung back long enough, I guess. Please don't judge me too harshly.

Autumn Nights

In the autumn I am glad
Summer’s heat’s no longer bad.
Later comes the morning light!
Fall makes sleeping a delight!

The best news about autumn today is that Rod no longer has to sleep with one eye opened to make sure I don't sneak out of bed at night and turn the air conditioning down to "icy" so I can sleep without sticking to the sheets with sweat. No matter how quiet I am, 9 nights out of 10, he will hear me, and make an exaggerated sigh, indicating that the electric bill will be HUGE this month! Well, I don't care! Sleeping in comfort is extremely important to me!!!

That's it for today! Time to read all the other offerings!

The painting you see is by John William Godward (1861 - 1922)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

V is for Victuals!!

The Rogue Speaks:

Victuals To Nourish The Senses

I would feel malnourished if I did not have all the muses in my life. Visual art, in all forms, nourishes us through our eyes. Van Gogh may have thought that eating paint was nourishing, but unfortunately all that lead he consumed by putting his brushes in his mouth did nothing for his longevity, and probably contributed to his early demise. Viewing art, however, is wonderfully nourishing for our senses. Having art around us in our lives, seeing it, feeling it in sculpture, just seems to make us feel better.

Musical victuals are music to our ears! You do not have to be a lover of classical music to be nourished. Popular composers, their music and lyrics, speak to the hearts of so many people these days. Their songs can make you happy and dance around, or peaceful and loving, or a little weepy when they have special meaning for a certain time in your life. Music nourishes our hearts.

The music you hear is by one of my favorite composers, Vaughn Williams. Actually, I like all kinds of music with the exception of heavy metal.

I love to read, as you all know. I have always been a very fast reader, so my summer reading list is always very long. Thanks to my Kindle, our back seat is no longer stacked with bags of books when we travel. Books are victuals for our minds, and that is why we are known to devour them.

Stage productions and films are victuals as well. Acting is a very difficult art to master, and a good play or film can not only nourish our minds but our spirits as well. It can be food for thought, as the film Thirteen Days was for me. This film is based on the Cuban missile crisis, and gives one a good look at just what went on in the White House during that time when Kennedy was President. If you look closely in the lower right-hand corner of the photo below, you will see the Ocean Spray guy! He played Dean Rusk in the film.

I always wanted to be able to dance, but I am a total klutz with a very poor sense of balance. I step on my own feet! The skill and athleticism with which dancers perform, their grace and spirit, always leaves me in awe of their talent. I come away from a performance feeling like I just ate some chocolate!!

After writing this post, I am so full that I might just have to skip dinner tonight! My senses are just stuffed to the gills.

I hope you have enjoyed my offering for Alphabe-Thursday. There are a lot more offerings on Jenny's blog to choose from, so get busy!

Whimsical Wednesday - When Pigs Fly

The Rogue Speaks:

I'm afraid the photo of my flying pig is not the best! Way too much glare! Too late now, though, because I made this piece for my granddaughter a couple of years ago, and it sits on her dresser, in Tennessee. I threw the body as a closed form, then added the nose, ears, and feet. Finally I cut a slot in the top for all her savings. The underside of the pig has a latex plug, so she can take her money out to buy something special. When making my spirit masks, I use a lot of feathers, so I had some on hand to create the wings for this little piggy. My spirit masks are more spiritual than whimsical, but I may post one for your edification and enjoyment at a later date.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011


The Rogue Speaks:

The last games of “Swing the Statue” and “Mother May I” ended, and the grassy field had fallen silent. Children scattered to their homes for dinner, and Graham found himself standing quite alone. His mother had not called him home to eat, and there was no one waiting to teasingly scold him for the grass stains on his clothes, and the dust and grime on his face and hands.

Howard, his “uncle,” was there, however. Sitting in a drunken stupor, with belt in hand, he waited grimly for Graham to come through the door. The summer games of childhood came with a price.

Enjoy this prompt, Centusians, while you can! We've been threatened this week by Jenny to give us an evil one for next week! On the other hand, she's threatened us in the past, and we've always come through with flying colors!! We'll just have to wait and see, eh? In the meantime, be sure to read and comment on ALL the offerings for Saturday Centus. I do, and so should you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

U is for UNDIES!!

The Rogue Speaks:

Undies began as the simple loincloth. It was a piece of animal skin that was brought up between the legs and tied around the waist with sinew or a vine. I'm sure that Jane was delighted with the look!

The loincloth remained popular for quite some time. King Tut was buried with 147 of them in his tomb. Men wore them in ancient Rome, and so did women, with the addition of a breast cloth.

In the Middle Ages, men and women both wore braies, which looked like long, loose shorts.

During the Renaissance, clausses were invented. A codpiece was added for the men's version, which you see in the example below. I don't think they came in that color, though.

Medieval women wore a chemise along with braies that covered their legs.

With the 16th century came the invention of corsets. These uncomfortable contraptions containing cane or bone stays were obviously the idea of some male chauvinist, who wanted to keep his wife on the verge of fainting from not being able to take a deep breath!!

In the 1900's, designers took out the hated whale bone and women sighed with relief.

In 1913, Mary Phelps Jacob invented the bra by sewing two handkerchiefs together. The bra tied in the back with ribbon.

During that time, bloomers came along and were made popular by the Gibson Girls.

In the 20's, bloomers became shorter, and were known as step-ins. Thanks to the flappers of that decade, the era of sexy lingerie began.

In the 50's and 60's, bras were designed to emphasize women's breast. If I had been a young fellow who had never seen a naked woman back then, this vision would be a little frightening. Those things look like they could put out an eye!!

During that time, women's hip huggers and bikini panties were invented, and were made of nylon, adding to the sex appeal.

In the 70's, manufacturers began creating what I call "punitive underwear." Pantyhose were invented, along with the "teddy," which was supposed to be very sexy, but had snaps at the crotch. As far as I am concerned, that garment was very uncomfortable, and was not particularly flattering for many women, unless they were lingerie models for Frederick's of Hollywood.

O.k., yeah, I owned a couple. But after a few very uncomfortable evenings, they mysteriously disappeared in the washer! Darn!!!

In the 1990's, panties became even MORE brief, and the thong became very popular with the younger set. Frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead in a thong! Can you spell "cellulite?"

I have been asked by my husband over the years to come to bed in something more glamorous than a tee shirt and a pair of old cotton pj bottoms. My response to him is that if he would put on a sexy thong for men, then I would oblige.

Oddly enough, that has stopped being issue, and he has started giving me the free tee shirts he gets all the time for giving blood at the Red Cross. We have finally arrived at that stage in our lives when it doesn't really matter WHAT we wear to bed at night, as long as we can lock the dogs out on the porch for a while!!

I hope you have enjoyed my little history lesson for this week. Please visit Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday for more fabulous "U" offerings!!

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P.S. The music you hear is called The Underwear Song. Unfortunately, I cannot understand a word the vocalist is saying. If YOU can, please let me know if it is rated G!

Whimsical Wednesday - Gecko on Barrel Cactus

The Rogue Speaks:

I have worked with gourds for several years, and find them to be a very interesting base for whimsical pieces. This piece took many hours to cut and paint, but I was very happy with the results. It never occurred to me that in this arid climate, the gourd would continue to dry out, distorting the cut-out to the point where it no longer fits snugly on the base. I never intend to sell this piece, however, and it sits among my collection of carved Oxacan figures that I have collected over the years.

Not all the gourds I carve are whimsical. Below is a carved piece that contains copper and jade.

I wish I could settle on ONE medium on which to concentrate, but I just can't! Art is so much fun, don't you think??

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


The Rogue Speaks:

Hungrily, he bit into the warm slice, and immediately his taste buds began to dance with delight. The crust was perfect, and the aroma of fresh herbs filled his nostrils. He had been looking forward to this meal !

Her garden had been bountiful this year, and the tomatoes, peppers, and onions were bursting with the old-fashioned flavor of years gone by. There was another flavor, however, that he couldn’t readily identify.

“What kind of pizza is this?” he asked, as the room began to shimmer and sway, and sparkle with strange lights.

“Oh, you’re tasting the mushrooms I bought from the old Indian man,” she replied.

What a great prompt Jenny has given us for Saturday Centus! Be sure to read the other offerings. I'm off to a Guild meeting, and of course, I'm late!!

p.s. The picture you see is labeled as Tony Grey Owl Native American Cherokee Shaman, from Facebook!

No credit was given to the artist, but I believe the painting is the work of Susan Seddon Boulet, who was a very gifted and spiritual artist.