Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Presents

The Rogue Speaks:

I am a thief! I stole the ornament picture from one of my favorite bloggers so I could share it with you today. I sent her an email after the fact, because it is easier to get forgiveness than permission. At least, that is what my BFA always says.

I started my blog almost one year ago. It has changed directions many times in the last months, and it has finally come to rest at a spot that is very comfortable for me. I have read a lot of blogs and have reached out to a lot, as well. We tend to gravitate to those where we feel a kinship. It seems a little strange to people who are not bloggers that I consider the people whose blogs I follow as "friends," because we meet only in cyber-space. My answer to them is that one can certainly learn a lot by reading the words of others on a regular basis.

Today, I want to thank you for all the gifts I have received from you over the last months. They are my Christmas presents all year round.

Merry Christmas, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Judie, You have a beautiful little world. Merry Christmas, Theresa and Joe Hall
"Sleeping Kitten - Dancing Dog!"

mrs. c said...

I know exactly how you feel, there is a certain bond between some of my blogging friends. i have made some wonderful friends and I love to share my thoughts with them. I have not visited your blog before so maybe in the coming year wee will become blog buddies!

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

Thank-you for being you! For sharing your talent and always having the funniest things to say. You are a blessing more than you know. Love the pic ;-)

jeff campbell said...

Oh Judie, Judie, best friend that I have never met outside of blog land...I could not say it any better...peace to you my friend... said...

Thank YOU, Judie. Merry Christmas and loads of yummy chocolate to you.

askcherlock said...

Merry Christmas, you wonderful Rogue! Your presence has made this an especially happy year. I send you a multitude of hugs~~~


Malesha Gross said...

Nice post Merry Christmas

bluzdude said...

Merry Christmas, Ms Rogue. And just because people have never met in person doesn't mean they can't be actual friends. The "meeting" is just another detail.

That's what I can say from experience now, because when I met all my fellow Pittsburgh bloggers like the Cherlocks and the Sisters, it was like we were already old friends. We just picked it right up like we'd been hanging out all our lives.

It is hard to convince non-bloggers of that, I agree.

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday!

Cheryl said...

Some of the best gifts I received all year long were from cyber-friends. A peek inside the world of wonderful writers and craftsfolk.

Love love love that paper and those boxes at the top of your blog. Gorgeous work.

Jenny said...

Judie. Anyone that can write this 'because it is easier to get forgiveness than permission' on their blog is someone I am truly honored to know!

Sending you my warm wishes for a 2011 filled with beauty, creativity, joy and many memory making moments!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Oscar Monet, hmmm. Sounds just as good as Claude. I didn't know any of this about Monet, but then how could I. I just look at his beautiful work without seeking to know more about him. You've got me hooked, Judie. Now I need to know more about other artists. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Judie, I know exactly what you mean about creating this wonderful cyber friendship family. I live in a tiny hamlet in rural England, and I feel I now have lovely friends in many corners of the world, sharing laughter, joy and occasionally tears.
I can't remeber how I found your blog - but am so grateful I did!

Anonymous said...

Just started checking out your blog today - it's great! So different than anything else I've been reading. Great stuff!