Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tasteless and Tacky

The Rogue Speaks:

Now I've seen everything!  WTF!!  The maker of Chia Pets has come out with presidential chias!  So dash to your closest KMart or WalMart and vote for your candidate by purchasing one of the tacky and tasteless items!  Will it be Chia Obama or Chia Romney??? 

The makers of Chias have been around for a long, long time.  When I was a very little girl, my grandmother had one that she would occasionally sprinkle with grass seed.  I thought it was silly  then, and it is still silly to me today.  What a waste of money!!  And after the election, where do you think all those presidential Chias will eventually end up???

I wanted to show you photos of this two absurd items, but of course Blogger won't let me post any photos from the web these days, so you'll have to just imagine the two candidates with green hair.  Not a pretty sight is it?  Some people will do anything to make money, because they know that there are millions of impulsive folks who will throw away their hard-earned dollars on sheer crap.

I think I told you about Mum's blue plastic talking watch that she bought, for a "good cause," because the money was supposedly going to some charity.  The alarm was a crowing rooster, and Mum didn't know how to shut the alarm off, so when she came to visit us, we had to stick that watch under some boxes in the garage so the sound wouldn't literally drive us crazy for a month.  That plastic watch was designed for someone who couldn't see, but poor Mum couldn't HEAR, so she had no idea just how annoying that piece of plastic was.

Now here's a clever sales pitch by Pat Robertson's organization--in order to get people to open a letter from him, asking for a charitable donation, his people put a dollar in every envelope.  Of course people would open the envelope, because who is going to throw a dollar bill in the trash?  A lot of those people who opened that letter ended up donating a minimum of $5, so for an investment of $1, Robertson got back at least $4.  Not bad, eh?  The poor people who were suckered in never stopped to realize just how many letters went out all over America!  I wish I had all those dollars for my own personal "charity!"

I will close this silly post with a caption from a cartoon I once saw in the newspaper--"Satisfaction Guaranteed or No Money Back!!"  "Duh, sounds good to me!!"

Now hop on over to Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday and read the other students' homework!!


noexcuses said...

We have a "gag" gift given at the holidays. It's been a chia, more times than not! Can't imagine the presidential chias!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Mumsy said...

Haha..I am going to look for those chia presidential candidates photo! It has to be very cheesy to see as I don't own a chia..

Ames said...

We once had an RV parked under some oak trees. After about a month it looked like a Cha Cha Cha Chia RV. We moved it to a storage lot sans the Oak trees.
I get those mailing labels from all kinds of charities. Thank goodness they misspell my name or I'd feel guilty using them.
Cha Cha Cha Chao!~Ames

BECKY said...

Judie, there have been Obama chia pets for at least a couple of years already! I saw them advertised on TV, and I thought then how ignorant and even racist I thought they were. Unbelievably tacky and all those other words!

Karen S. said...

Holy Moly- let me pick myself up from the wait, I can't stop laughing so I can't get up! So true and so sad at the same time...I just don't know how stupid or &^%$# these companies think we are....great T post....

JJ said...

Remember the guy who sold Sky Lab insurance? He made a million dollars before his indictment. There is one born every minute.

Wanda said...

I saw your title in the link list at Alphabe-Thursday and couldn't resist stopping by--and I'm glad I did. I have somehow missed seeing the latest in Chia creations so it's nice to be forewarned.

I read somewhere a long time ago that if you give a large donation to an organization ($500+) that they will keep your name to themselves rather than sell it to others (a rather underhanded form of fund raising for the original charity, IMHO) in hopes that you will contribute again. I did that after the Haitian earthquake and haven't contributed to that organization since. So they've given up on me and sold my information to others. Now I'm getting solicitations from them as well as many other organizations. If they only knew that most of that stuff goes straight to the grinder...

lissa said...

I actually saw commercials for those chia pets and I still wonder why people buy them. they just seems like they're from another planet or something. thanks for not posting pictures, if you did, it would get stuck in my head for a while.

hope you have a sweet day.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Chia Pets are silly, but it's one of those things you just laugh and laugh about. Maybe, this is why they are still around after all these years. Oh yeah, you asked where will the presidential candidate Chias be after the election. Well, I guess it all depends on who wins where it'll go. lol Great 'T' post! Thanks for visiting. =D

Annesphamily said...

Those chia pets are as subtle as pet rocks! Gee Judie we should start a new charity! Dollars for bigger dollars. What a racket huh? I can't even honestly sell off my Princess House product and these T.V> evangelists just ask and people give. What is sad is they take money for prayer requests! Wow! I don't even want to think what God thinks of such dishonesty! Yikes! When I watched the presidential debate from Denver the other night all I could of was those Mormons would rush the stage once it was over! Ugh! My husband has relatives just like that! Rah!Rah!Rah! for themselves! Seriously I worry about my kids who need to finish their educations, if Romney gets in he'll tell them to borrow from their overburdened parents! He will take away student loans. I admire the president on that note and I detest politics!
I always enjoy your shares. Thanks Judie.

anitamombanita said...

haha...I saw those the other day and thought 'oh my, what next'? I'd like a complete redo on the election this year...throw out ALL the candidates and start fresh. Judie, how about if YOU run?! I'd vote for you!

EG CameraGirl said...

Hmmm. Even during a recession some people have too much money to spend.

Sue said...

I didn't even like the original chia pets, let alone presidential ones! Sheesh.

Jenny said...

Oh darn.


and I just bought one of those Presidential chias for you for a gift.



Maybe I'll just send you a dollar instead!

Terrific link.