Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Rogue Speaks:

I know what you're thinking!  Our homework for Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday is supposed to be "PG."  Would you believe me if I told you that WTF stands for What The Fudge?  Hmmm-no, I didn't think so.  In any case, I have TWO of Jenny's hand painted (No stencils!) signs.  AND I'm planning to get more to give as gifts!!  This was just a brilliant idea on her part!  I hope she sells a gazillion of them!  The other sign I have says, "It is what it is," which is another one of my favorite sayings.

I am sick, sick, sick of this contentious race for the presidency, and I'm not the only one.  Most of us will be so glad for it to be over and done with for another four years!  I am trying to just shut my mind off to politics for the next two weeks, but a couple of things in the last several days just keep popping back up on a regular basis.  One of those things is education.  I firmly believe that it isn't enough to concentrate on one skill and one skill only.  To be a well-rounded and knowledgeable individual, one must have a reasonable understanding of all the courses we learned in school, whether or not we actually use them.  Who knows?  Some day we may actually NEED that knowledge!

If anyone has ever watched Jay Leno's segment called "Jay Walking," you know what I mean.  In this segment, Jay interviews people from all walks of life about things we should have learned in school.  Most of the people are blatantly ignorant about history and geography and current events.  I don't want to cut these people some slack.  I think that as citizens, we have a responsibility, especially in today's world, to know, for example, that Syria is not Iran's path to the sea, as one presidential candidate stated.  The fact is that Iran has its OWN sea--the Persian Gulf, for Pete's sake!  And Syria? Well, Syria is on the OTHER side of Iraq from Iran, and lies on the Mediterranean.  Not knowing your geography, when running for president of the United States, is outrageously preposterous and scary!  We just can't have the leaders of other countries thinking that our president is stupid, now can we????  When I heard that statement come out of the mouth of a candidate, I briefly glanced at the sign that Jenny made and thought, "WTF!!!"

I am not particularly interested in the Military Channel on t.v.  Rod watches it, though, and I play Scrabble.  Even though I don't watch it, I know that we no longer fight battles at sea, so we have no need for all those battleships that were floating around back in 1917.  Now we have aircraft carriers and nuclear subs.  The army has no need for horses, or swords (except for ceremonies with full-dress uniforms) or those long bayonets attached to outdated rifles.  We now have "new age" weapons.  Too bad one candidate isn't aware of those changes.  Once again, I glanced at my Jenny sign.

In a couple of weeks, it will all be over, and then we can look forward to seeing Christmas decorations in all the stores--yes, before Thanksgiving!  I'm hoping that all the candidates will start removing their political signs before they become even more of a blight on the landscape.  We can sit back on election night and watch the count.  Rod will be in his chair with a dog on either side, and I will be stretched out on the sofa with a glass of wine and Violet by my side.  When the last vote is counted, I will glance up at my OTHER Jenny sign, sigh, and say to myself, "it is what it is."


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Hah! I am so so so so sick of this election that I've just stopped watching television. The biggest issue is that I WANT MY NPR BACK! Even my beloved NPR is all politics all the time now.




bluzdude said...

Mitt knew about Syria wasn't Iran's route to the sea, he just knew that WE (as a country) didn't know, so he didn't care. And even when the politicians know we know they're lying, they know we don't care about that either. (or else we wouldn't stand for it, or tie our brains in knots trying to defend it.)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Fun post ~ very creative ~ looking forward to post election time ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Naperville Now said...

Saw the WTF on Jenny's link page and pretty much knew it was a Judie post! I am with you -- I will be glad when the election is over. Trying to stay positive and hopeful (did I mention positive?) Hanging in there with you...

Anonymous said...

I agree Jenny's signs are great. I'm thinking I need to head over there for some Christmas shopping myself, but it isn't even Halloween yet! I'm so socialized to start thinking Christmas in, um, August...

I agree it's just time to get this election over with!

Pondside said...

Just imagine living north of the border and having it on every station....and not being a voter!

Jo said...

oh what Pondside said ... well except that one of your candidates makes me laugh at his bs ...

and Jenny's signs are fabulous, i have one myself, I look at it every morning when i get up and i think of peace ...

Lola said...

We hear all about it here in Europe too all the time! Ugh!

Great post!

Claudia Willison said...

Haha - what a fun post to read - on a serious matter...
I cannot vote (being German, but a resident in the US), have no tv to annoy me, listen to radio stations without presidential rallying i.e. just music stations, but I agree the signs on people's lawns are somewhat irritating. Not much longer to go though.
Still smiling, picturing the two (or five) of you in front of the tv :)

Saying 'hello' via Alphabe- Thursday - mine for letter 'W' @ ImagesByCW is about Wales U.K.

Francisca said...

Hey, people in Asia are watching too! I just hope all you guys sick of this electioneering still go out to vote for the "other" guy (as opposed to the one who wants a bigger Navy no one asked for). Although it sounds like it's all going to boil down to just a few electoral colleges... what a system!

Anyway, I just came by to say hello! I've not been blogging much in recent months and I miss my blogging buddies. Just got a spam through your site (no biggie) and thought I'd come over. Good to see you ranting in your inimitable style. Are you back in good shape, Judie?

Esther Joy said...

I think we'll all be glad when election day comes and goes! Having had my husband have successful political races, and an unsuccessful one, I'm sure the candidates will also be glad when it's over!

I like Scrabble, too. I think it's good for my brain... or at least I hope it is!

debra said...

WELL THIS is FUNNY / your posts always are. Yes our polictics are sad but sometimes the best thing about these elections is the humor people can find in it all

Sandy said...

I live in Florida and during each
program, morning, noon and night
there are at least three political
adds on and I'm now not turning on
the tv until it's all for the election, I all ready voted early this week and am finished with

We need Japans law, "No bashing your
politicians on TV"..or you go to jail..

I wanted to thank you for your visit
to my blog and your question about the
Saddle,, no the previous owner has not
called at all so I guess he has not
thought of the saddle.. it's been 5 months now since my daughter has lived in the house.. funny thing, we found a table(rather nice) and a huge christmas tree up there also with a 1995 date on the box... was fun up there!
Although it was about politics I enjoyed your post.


Sue said...

I, too, will be glad when the election is over. It's become downright unpleasant.


Emille said...

Judy, good idea to think about all these things on election night, because you're way too stressed about all of this!
But I like the "What the Fudge!"

Gattina said...

Each time when I zap TV channels and just see a little bit of this election circus, I think it's the only country in the world where actors or singers perform for one or the other candidate ! It's a real show ! When I heard Chuck Norris speaking together with his parrot wife, it confirmed that he has more in his wrists and feet than in his brain. I can understand that you have more than enough !
Education is a power ! If you are ignorant you are far more influencable. That's why slaves were not allowed to learn to read and write. Keep the people stupid and you get the power !

Mumsy said...

Maybe we should just vote for Sarah Palin again, at least she has an excuse!

It will be over soon in two weeks, and then the next four years we will have to hear more from the winner..

Angelia Sims said...

Well, dear Judy, I am in Texas. So my vote will be obliterated by the majority (I will still vote though). What haggles me is an ad I saw last night for Governor Perry. He wants to stop funding to Planned Parenthood because they do abortions. Okkkkay. Well, that is all fine and dandy, but what about the 50,000 low income women that get their birth control from Planned Parenthood? So you are telling me, no birth control, no abortions - how will the state feed and clothe all these children??? It makes no sense to me.

VBR said...

Between the bombardment of tv ads and the never ending telephone calls I think lots of people are 'done' with the whole mess.

and by the way, I covet that little Lizzie. I had a Rosie and a Lulu. Two little lights of my life. Lizzie is adorable!

EG CameraGirl said...

Yep, I'll be glad when the bickering is over too. BUT will it be over? It seems like it's kinda quiet for about two years and THEN the Democrats and Republicans start talking about the next Primaries! I would feel better if more American politicians actually knew what they were talking about. (Not that it's any better in Canada.)

Ames said...

Dear Judie, you are my rant queen. I am sick today but just wanted to pop over and say hey.

Tammy said...

I'd like to turn you lose on those high school kids who moan, "What do we need to learn this for?" Ha. You said it.

JJ said...

What the fudge? High school - frightening.

Say hi to Rod.

Jenny said...

I have money to send you!

Yesterday we were driving home and there was a skywriter. We watched each letter unfold...R-O-M-N...and then it dawned on us what it was spelling.

I was really puzzled though because the sign was a mirror image.

Did the airplane guy screw up? Did someone pay him to do it backward? Was it a joke?

It's sad that I can't just be amazed at skywriting (I've only seen it once before) without wondering...seriously...WTF.


Thanks for linking Miss Judie!

Hope you're well.


BECKY said...

Hey Judie! Yes, Hallelujah that the election is over!! The only thing that kept me somewhat sane while watching TV the last month or so, was......The Remote Control....MUTE!

Splendid Little Stars said...

And so it is! It is now exactly what it is!
seriously, I'm with you on this. There's stuff we just need to know!