Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Think a warm-hearted thought!!!

The Rogue Speaks:

Here it is March and I haven't posted anything warm since January, when it was actually pretty cold in Brunswick.  It's hard to think of warm-hearted things when our country is so politically fractured and there is just so much at stake.  I have many friends around the globe, and they are just wide-eyed in amazement at what has happened to America in the last few months.  They think this country is crazy!  No, really!! They do!!  Their countries have looked up to ours for so, so long, and to see what certain disgusting characters are getting away with here just leaves them stunned.

The bizarre characters alone are bad enough, but the media??? I hold the media in large part responsible for the way at least one candidate has moved up into the danger zone.  We have him shoved down our throats on a daily basis, several times a day, for the sole purpose of ratings and advertising dollars.  Not one single media outlet supports the guy as a candidate, yet they continue to let him come into our homes, talk trash, insult people, blatantly lie (especially about not knowing who David Duke is!) and make us get throw-up in our mouths. Yet they don't censor him, and in fact encourage him, all for money.  Shame on them!!!  Shame!!  They went too far and now the train is totally out of control and speeding toward a collision of biblical proportions.

The Republican party is in a world of hurt right now, because they, like the media, didn't plan well for the way things are turning out.  When things started to really get out of hand, they just sat back and watched, and made him sign a pledge.  They should have washed his mouth out with soap early on, and kicked him to the curb, but they didn't.  Another big mistake was moving up voting (Super Tuesday), and switching around the order in which certain states hold their primaries. The RNC decided to do this before the last election because they wanted Romney as their candidate, and the move would give him the numbers he needed to win the nomination and shut out the other contenders.   They have the big old southern states, the bible belt, voting  March 1, along with Texas.  Lot of ultra-conservatives there--lot of evangelicals, racists, anti-Semites, and a whole lot of "poorly educated."  Those folks don't always know what their candidate is actually saying, since he doesn't know how to finish a sentence, but they are just glassy-eyed at how rich he is.  I think THEY think he's gonna make them rich, too!  By moving the voting up in that particular group of states, they have given Satan a chance to garner enough votes to claim victory (at least in his own eyes) as the Republican nominee.  Sad, isn't it!!  "The love of money is the root of all evil."

I worry about this situation  A LOT!!  Probably too much for my own good, but I have grandchildren and I don't want the country to implode before they have had a chance to live a good life.  I'm pretty warm-hearted when it comes to my grandchildren!  There!!  I did it!!  I got "warm-heart" in before the end of this post!!!  Now go visit our sweet Jenny and read more entries!

p.s. I live in a beautiful area of coastal Georgia.  I love the live oak trees and the palmettos, I love the sand dunes and the soft air that is just so great for my skin!  I love walking on the beach, collecting shells and taking photos.  We always dreamed of living here.  What we failed to calculate into our dream of Eden was just how many ignorant, uneducated, racist dunces actually live here as well.  They have kind of seriously gotten on my last nerve since yesterday when a vicious, hateful, lying con-man won the GOP primary.  So today we went to play golf on Jekyll Island, on one of the courses that winds itself through those live oaks, pine trees, and palmettos, and across streams with sunlight filtering through the deep shadows.  I didn't get cold out there.  In fact, I was WARM-hearted in all that beauty.  A nice break!


Betty said...

I just can't believe what is happening. I had intended to watch all the debates, but I just couldn't stand it anymore. I've never seen anything like it. The other candidates were initially intimidated by him. Now it's too late. I've lost respect for all of them. I don't know what to say. I've been upset since he disrespected John McCain and thus all the Vietnam POW's. I thought for sure that would be the end, but it wasn't. I find myself just watching in disbelief and shaking my head. I'd like to build a wall around him.

Jim said...

Hi Judy, I have been missing you. Yes, our political scene is horrid. I tell people that we have to vote for the best of the worst. That is hard to tell, THEY ALL LIE. I don't know much about Rubio's father, but Cruz's was an illegal alien seeking amnesty like so many of the kids who are now coming from Mexico. He was granted AMNESTY, the word Ted despises (hypocrite). I imagine his Texas house was built by the illegals, most around here are to some extent. Yet he doesn't want any of them to have a break like his dad did. They should have sent him back. Did you hear him say his dad worked for 50 cents and hour working his way through school? That may have been in the library working for spending money but OUR GOVERNMENT paid his tuition and costs (Texas does that, we are educating all those who come in, don't want any undereducated here if they will stay in school. Middle class students don't qualify for that, they can get student loans.)

If Ted becomes president the Congress will be rid of a real obstacle, like we were rid of Bush and finally Perry has retired. They both brought our state way down for the middle classes. Finally the Republican Party is slowly waking up but the only sensible candidates have dropped out or can't win.

I may vote for Hillary (November) even if she is in prison. She could preside from there like some other politicians do their work from prison. Martha Stewart went there and look at her now. Humbled her a little but she's fine.

Sorry to say all this, but AMERICA IS FED UP with who we've let run the government. Now we want a change, ____ or ____.

Annesphamily said...

Hello my friend! I have had just about enough of the whole political fiasco! UGH! Now I know why I detest it so!
I am just happy to see you here. Since we were ex'ed out of Facebook by mean and nasty hackers. Argh.....
I don't know if you knew Smiling Sally (DiStefano) from Blue Monday but she passed away yesterday. We knew she had been ill for quite some time but she was the most ind and charming lady. SHe will be sorely missed. We lost EG CameraGirl and her hubby to a car accident too Febraury 22nd. She was one incredible photographer.
Life is fast so I have to tell my friends here that you really do warm my heart. Thanks Judie, I know you are always sharing your honest opinion.
Take care and enjoy your grandkids! R=They grow up too fast too!
Love and Hugs, Anne

Judie said...

Wow! I am amazed at getting comments so quickly, and thank you all for your support. Anne, I didn't know Sally, but EG and I had been commenting back and forth for many years. What a tragedy that is! I am so sorry to hear it.

Betty, I am just so tired of politics, and try to stay off the tv during the day. I don't even watch my programs at night, but record them so I don't have to see any political ads and can skip through the commercials.

Jim, the GOP has spent billions of our tax dollars trying to discredit intelligent candidates and remove important government programs. During the Bush administration, many GOP members used private email and got called on it, but THEIR emails mysteriously disappeared and the issue was dropped. All those jackasses are costing this country a lot more money than they are worth, and have only added to the national debt, but their followers just refuse to understand what they've done. Try bringing in facts, and they stick their fingers in their ears and sing "lalalalalalala!!!"

Susan Anderson said...

What??? I am shocked to learn that EG has passed away. I had no idea. In fact, I just commented on a bunch of her posts yesterday. What a loss to all of us. She and her beautiful photos will be sorely missed.

I didn't know Sally, but my condolences to all who did. Now I understand a comment Jim made on my blog yesterday. Losing old friends brings such heartache.

As for the election, I am completely dumbfounded by what's happening and cannot believe so many voters are indulging their anger, however justifiable, to the detriment of their reason. Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face is not a good cure for what ails us, and everyone I speak to agrees with me. So my question is, who ARE these supporters? I simply cannot imagine electing a man whose limited vision and vocabulary are only exceeded by his vulgarity. And I have never been a fan of narcissists.

Pondside said...

So good to see a post from your Judith!!
I find it very odd that no one in Blogdom has a thing to say about what is happening in your country. Good for you! I despair for the US - a country I happen to know and love. I hope that something happens to encourage sane and knowledgeable people to rise up out of their apathy and take hold of their political process before it is too late.

Judie said...

Sue, I am just stunned that there are so many poorly educated people in America. Our granddaughter, Grace, was recently in Cuba to take a course and found that the literacy rate in Cuba is 97%. In America it is only 86%. Not only that, EVERYONE has a place to live there. There are no homeless on the streets. Don't misunderstand me--I'm not espousing communism at all, but from what Grace has told me, Cuba is more socialist than communist. She was very surprised.

As for the GOP candidates, it hurts my heart to see such a worthless bunch of liars, cheats, and thieves who want to run our country. Trump has started a civil war in America, and his army is made up of ignorant misfits who see only Trump's wealth and think that he will give them the secret. I consider him to be an enemy combatant, and wonder just how much his life is actually worth.

H, it has been a tough struggle adjusting to life in the deep south, and I have not felt much like writing until lately. I'm surprised that I am the only American who writes about the blight on America caused by the GOP.

carol l mckenna said...

Glad you got to Jekyll to play golf ~ Yes, I agree the USA is in a sorry state ~ and not quite sure what to make of it ~ Guess it will work itself out and all we can do is vote and hope for the best ~

Happy Weekend ~ ^_^, Judy ~

Gattina said...

The general opinion in Europe is that Americans are crazy ! Nobody could understand that a kind of clown, made the way as candidate to become American president ! We all believed that it was a joke !
We always laugh about him. I live in a hell hole "Brussels" according to him, maybe we should invite him to do America a favor ! lol ! It's unbelievable how many stupidities he has already said ! The worst is that some people believe in him.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I don't think the U.S. will implode. I truly think we are strong and great as ever, even more so, regardless of what rabid-mouth politicians say. What I do think we are witnessing is the implosion of the Republican Party. I don't ever recall so many egotistical and unqualified Presidential candidates running at the same time. It's unfortunate that many people don't want to understand that their Republican candidate of choice is going to keep them in their insecure rut of a hole rather than help them out.

Hope and faith in the positive, Judy!
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Anonymous said...

I usually not very political, but this year has me petrified. Really. I can't take the ugliness.

GalleryJuana said...

Glad that Jekyll could bring a bit of respite to you. I agree that it is surprising that anyone would think the republican party 's proposals in this 2106 race would be good for the country. I just hope that more voters will get out and vote and keep it out of the gop hands.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have been puzzled by the extreme hatred shown President Obama the past 8 years, as I think our country is doing well under his administration. The candidates this election are ALL less than ideal. It's sad to think this is the best our country has to offer!

Little Wandering Wren said...

Your politics is certainly making news headlines here in Australia. There is a concern that some of the issues are even being debated, it started as a rather bemused 'you never guess what was said or suggested' such as banning Muslims entering the UK to an OMG some people actually believe this ****. I was listening to our ABC radio talking about how 20% of Trump supporters in South Carolina disagreed with abolishing slavery.
This is no solace to the Bloggers above, but it is making for a really interesting US election. All I can say that as I am a firm believer in the democratic process so I am sure it will be alright on the night. If not, I hear you are all planning on moving to Canada!

Stef said...

Amen!!! It is embarrassing. Horrible. And I can't believe that he keeps winning, state after state. People are angry and we have to remember we shouldn't make important who the next president of our country is going to be...based on our anger.
Media should have just backed off. Even still, it's all they talk about. He gets more time than Hilary, which is shocking as she is under federal investigation and should be on the news a whole lot more. But nope. Scary for sure.

Jenny said...

I find myself turning away from this circus in horror and disgust.

I'm so sad that your area has such a dearth of dunces. I think they are everywhere, though, Judie.

Thanks for such a thoughtful post. I have nothing to add to this except...

Thanks for linking to week 16.


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