Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visual Overload

The Rogue Speaks:

You want color? You've got color! You want texture? You've got it! Just head down to Green Valley to the Community Performing Arts Center on Continental Rd. It is in the same complex as Pima Community College.

My friend, Joe Bourne, has a one-man show going on, and I went down to see it today. Yeah, I know--Green Valley is way out of my comfort zone, but some things are just well worth the panic attack.

Before I go any further, here is Joe's "Artist Statement:"

"My paintings reflect my fascination with color, shapes and texture. I love working with wax and various acrylic gels to build three-dimensionality and I like to incorporate ornamental elements--copper and other metals into my artwork. I work with acrylic and encaustic, starting with an inspiration or a definite idea, and from time to time I will just pick a color at random and begin, and see what evolves.

Born in Cambridge, Mass., I relocated to the Netherlands in 1975 where I performed as a jazz and pop music vocalist. My work as a vocalist presented me with the opportunities to travel worldwide, allowing me to be exposed to various cultures and visual art masters.

In the mid-nineties, while on a cruise ship (where I was the featured performer)sailing between Manaus, and Cape Town, I took part in a watercolor workshop. From that moment on, I have always to be found with a paintbrush in one hand and a microphone in the other.

My subject matter for painting is much like my musical repertoire (and myself)-- extremely varied. Many of my paintings have of course been inspired by my music, my various world travels, and nature. In the last few years of being in the Southwest, i derive new inspiration from the forms and rhythms of deserts, mountains, big skies and canyons"

I have known Joe for several years, and have watched his growth as a painter, and enjoyed hearing those dulcet tones in performances at the Arizona Inn, Westward Look,
the Hilton El Conquistador, and yes, even in my own home, where he performed one year at the Guild's annual 4th of July party.

You can view some of Joe's work on the right, but scatter-brained person that I am, I forgot to jot down the titles.

So hop in your car and set the cruise control, and head down to Green Valley. Be prepared for a visual overload of color and texture! Take some home with you to enjoy on a daily basis.

To really get the flavor of the complete Joe Bourne, he is giving a jazz concert at the Center on Saturday night. You can go to Joe's web page,
to get more info.

p.s. Before you go, don't forget to feed the fish!

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