Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We Artists Are All Alike!

The Rogue Speaks:

All those artists to whom I gave a hard time when I was exhibition chair of the Guild will be glad to know that I am just as bad as they are when it comes to getting entry forms in on time. Most of the time I don't even know for sure what day it is. Those deadlines really slip up on us, don't they? So to all the people I scolded for being late, to all the people I denied entry into shows because they failed to meet the deadline, I apologize!

I did a piece in the encaustics class entitled "Time." Time really does become meaningless in the face of creativity! I have decided that I am going to make myself a weekly calendar and post it where I will be sure to see it. The freezer side of the fridge seems like a very likely place, because that is where the ice cream sandwiches are kept. I am going to type it out in VERY LARGE LETTERS so I will have no excuse.

Thank you, Saundra and Eleanor, for being a lot nicer than I was! I will see you both when I deliver my pieces for our next show, 'Visions," at Brandi Fenton Park. What's that date again?? Just kidding!


JoeyMau said...

My mom told me I had to post a comment. I tend to do what she says, especially since she has gone rogue.

Anonymous said...

Joey is smart. He knows he had better do what Mama tells him. Mama is way more rogue than even Joey thinks!