Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Saturday, May 14, 2011


The Rogue Speaks:

In the stillness of an August afternoon, Maddy sat rocking, softly singing, "Hush, little baby, don't you cry..." Her sweet voice echoed in the dusty attic.

"Where is she?" Simon asked.

"In the attic--where else?" Maren replied. “She’s there every day, now. Rocking. Rocking and singing. I should be glad, I guess. I know where she is.”

Simon, frowning slightly, climbed the stairs.

"Hi, Maddie!" he said cheerfully. "What are you doing?"

"Just practicing," came the reply.

"Practicing?" he asked.

"Yes. When I grow up, I want to be just like Mama!"

“That’s good, baby, that’s good!”

Thanks for stopping by and reading my 100 word offering. Jenny's Saturday Centus follows a week of havoc in the blogging world. Many of us lost our Alphabe-Thursday posts to somewhere in outer space. We all spent time writing our posts and many were disappointed when some were lost, so if you have a chance, please go back to Jenny's blog for Thursday and read them, because some were restored. If you haven't read mine, just keep reading. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

oh judie i thought it was just me
dang blo%%er
your maddy leaves me on the edge
i want to go to and order
it for my kindle...
please finish it!!!
also was reading about Dali
very interesting
i always got him confused with a comedian because of his eyes!!!
the woman was lovely
thanx again for an intersting read

Amanda said...

That started out pretty scary, gripped my heart there for a moment, her answer made everything well again. :)

cj Schlottman said...

Great post, Judie. You seamlessly led me from palpitations to a long sigh of relief. Or is it relief? How old is Maddy? You've got me going!


Tammy said...

Amazing post. I don't know whether I am chilled or warmed.

Judie said...

That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it...

Bookie said...

Nice one...a sweet scene of a little girl practicing loving....

jeff campbell said...

Very well written have such fine writing skills...BTW, I love Addie's poem...Peace and blessings

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I was a little worried about what we would find in the attic. said...

That was delightful, Judie. I did imagine an older Maddy. You're very clever.

Sue said...

I imagined an older Maddy, too, and thought she had dementia.

Nice job!


Ames said...

Reminds me of a movie I saw once about a grandmother who kept her granchildren in the attic and poisened them with arsenic so her daughter could start her life all over again. Creepy. Glad your story turned out sane....I think. :) ~Ames

Judie said...

That movie is "Flowers in the Attic" from a book by Mary Higgins Clark. Hmm, I THINK that's right. Carol's the daughter? Am I right about that?

The Woodswoman said...

I seem to have fallen in with creative and very capable crafters of the written word. WOW .... nice!!!

Porky said...

There's certainly a mystery here; with the length and mood of the story it seems to have a world all of its own. A good read for sure.

askcherlock said...

This was a tease, Judie, but so good. And now...where's the rest of the story? You have us cliff-hanging!

Ames said...

Yes I think the movie was Flower's in the Attic. But not sure about the daughter's name. Great memory. ~Ames

JJ said...


Sarah said...

That's a sweet one. (I'm trying to come back, although still exhausted from all the packing, moving, unpacking and now, can't find anything!)

THE SNEE said...

Hi Judie,

Apparently Blogger lost comments too. It took me awhile to figure out that I wasn't crazy and had actually left comments that never appeared......This must be the equivalent of the
bloggy twilight zone!

So....why do the lyrics, "hush little baby,,," , a sweet lullaby accompanied by soft singing and rocking create an uneasy atmosphere? Too many horror movies?

I loved this Judie! I like how you juxtaposed the creepy with the innocent sweetness of childhood.

BTW, did you ever get my comment on Dali?
Hope you are well.

Tina said...

uw this sounded really creepy to me! Attics, rocking, singing about crying babies brrrr!

Nonna Beach said...

Excellent job Judie !

I'm reading your story with a little girl in mind, not an adult who has cracked up because she lost a baby...clever the way you left this story open for interpetation !

Brings back memories of our little girl playing Mommie with her dolls and then years later watching her mother her own babies...sweet !

Rek said...

I prefer to see it as a child who likes to play-act....all in all an absorbing tale that leaves you with an unfulfilled feeling.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Me too...on imagining a sweet little girl practicing and not anything else!'re not going to gie us a definitive answer on how old you have Maddie to be?

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Blessings & Aloha!

One of the Guys said...

I got an uneasy feeling at first, but then it ended completely different. It made me wonder what was the real story behind the story.

Do you plan on creating a book with all of these? They are really good.

Thanks for your comments on The Parent Gig. Don't be a stranger on The Guy's Perspective. We can always use a smart and sane female perspective on some of the questions on Ask the Guys. :)

Jenny said...

Flowers in the Attic is that other author...ummm...ummm... V. C. Andrews! Hooray! I did it without googling.

I like all the interpretations this little gem of a story is open to. I read it three times and got something different out of each reading.

Okay, Miss K.C. and The Sunshine Band?

Uh huh, uh huh.