Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Saturday, December 24, 2011


The Rogue Speaks:

A Saturday Centus on Christmas Eve? Yeah, like we're just lying around waiting for Santa to come. Well, I do need to get off my feet for a while, so why not? The prompt is in bold type.

Following Rod is like following squirrels. I just never know!! I am driving along, thinking about all the times he has blithely missed a turn. And he had the unmitigated gall to ask me if I knew how to get to the airport!!! Up ahead, I see the exit(?) for Sky Harbor. My goal, keep Rod in sight. No!!Rod, no!!!! TOO LATE! I am cursing! He is oblivious!! Still behind him, I honk the horn!!! Ah! Now he gets it! WRONG EXIT!! He gets off, gets back on, and I am furious!! Once again he has gone into a fugue state behind the wheel and missed a turn. I am screaming profanities at him. And to top it off, the flight is early!! He speeds away! Finally I reach the arrivals! He is no where to be found!! I call him on the cell. The anger in my voice is unmistakable. "Sorry," he says. Up ahead I see parents and children at the curb. I pull in. I heard an angel voice through the chaos and the noise--"Granmommy!!" Christmas has begun!


Sarah said...

He obviously needs a GPS. Did you get him one for Christmas?

Bruce Coltin said...

Merry Christmas,Judie.

Judie said...

Sarah, NO MORE GADGETS!! He spends way too much time with the ones on his phone!!!

Bruce, thanks! Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope we hear more from you next year!!

anitamombanita said...

fantastic!! Those are the best angelic voices anyone can imagine. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

nothingprofound said...

All's well that ends well. Have a sensational Christmas, Judie.

Vicki/Jake said... in the fastlane:)

Anna said...

Dear Judie,
Thank you for your kind words about my post! Yours has a similar philosophy!

You are first commenter!

Hope you and yours have a safe and happy Christmas!


Anna's SC Week 86- An angel's voice

Ames said...

You know it's embedded in their DNA. Not even GPS can help them. You just have to embrace it! Oh and they also can't find things even when they are right in front of them. It's called "The man search" and they were born with out that processing ability too.Hee hee!

So glad your little Angel brightened your Christmas!~Ames xoxo

Jo said...

awwwwe ... that turned out so sweetly! so glad you got the time to write your centus, I always enjoy your words!

cj Schlottman said...

Judie, Dear,

It's all about the Y chromosome. They simply cannot help it.

I know your Christmas was wonderful. Me? In bed with flu.


Nelson said...

Hey, us dudes aren't ALL bad, some of us melt your heart:)

bluzdude said...

OK, so now you're the Hot Arizona Granmommy!

Annesphamily said...

Judie you always tell a wonderful story! Happy New Year to you and yours. Beautiful family.

Jenny said...

Ahhhh... the journey to the angels...

They are beyond precious!

It warmed my heart to see these lovely photos!

I'm so glad you had this joy during the holidays this year Judie!