Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Monday, October 18, 2010


The Rogue Speaks:

Many of you know that my youngest son, Keil, lost his job of 10 years when the company went bankrupt last October. He was heartsick, because he thought he was going to be working there for his entire career.

Rod and I told him to come to Arizona and look for work while living with us for a while. Rod drove flew back east and caught up with Keil in Birmingham in order to drive out west with him. It is a pretty long trip to make by one's self.

Keil packed his worldly possessions in his car, and there was still plenty of room for two people in the front seat. I was relieved when they made it back home safely!

The job search was long and tedious, but Keil finally landed a job as a greens keeper at our golf club. It is not as much as he was making in Alabama, but he gets to play golf for free, and the hours, which begin at 5 in the morning, gave him time in the afternoon to work on his game.

It has been almost one year now that he came to live with us and this Saturday he is moving into a condo with four other people. It is fairly close to the golf course, and his roommates seem very nice and compatible.

Even though he had been on his own for over 10 years, he is still my baby--my youngest child, at age 31! I really do feel like he is leaving the nest, and I am filled with sadness at that. He has been a complete delight to have around for the last year. He always has a smile on his face, and is eager to do chores, shopping, dog-sitting, etc. My golfing friends who run into him on the course have high praise for his friendliness, and his dedication to his work.

I really feel like he is the last egg to hatch, He is the last one I rocked, and held, and read to, and told to wash his hands before dinner. When he came to live with us, it was as if he had never been away, but had grown to six feet tall over night.

I will miss seeing his sweet smile every afternoon. I will miss having a t.v. buddy to watch the latest dramas with me at night, even though he heads off to bed around 8 each night because his day starts so early. Precious and Mulligan will miss him, too. He has always adored Precious, and Mulligan became his pal to throw a ball to each day.

Oh, for Pete's sake!! He is only moving eight miles away! Why am I so sad??



dianesartnow said...

Funny how we get used to having them around. All four of our kids have moved back home in tough times; moved out; moved back in again. Thankfully they are all on their own now and may have to take us in some day !

Cheer up Judie--you can run around naked !

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Hopefully he's better looking that that just-hatched chick! Just when a sympathic tear was about to fall I read the last comment and laughed. Such mixed feelings we have as our babies grow.

Anonymous said...

You could always get pregnant.......

See, its not that bad is it? LOL

My marriage broke up when my sons were 15, 13 and 11. The youngest came with me and the two eldest stayed with their father who refused to get out of the marital home and after a 4 year court battle I gave up.

Time does heal all of us, but wow, I am envious when I see women who have had their kids for 20+ years. Then I take a reality check. I have 3 fine sons. Many women have never had kids, or had kids that are disabled or who have died. I have 3 sons and a grand-daughter all who are in my life today.

Anyway... if Keil is working at your golf club, do you have him hiding in bushes moving your ball out of bunkers when no-one is looking??? Is this why your handicap has improved of late?? Hmmm.. suspicions, suspicions... :)

Noelle said...

"You could always get pregnant!" LOL!!! That made me laugh right out loud! Hang in there mom!!!

JM said...

Cut the cord, Mom.

Judie said...

I'm not sure my kids would want me living with them--I'm way to quirky!

Jo-ann, scan down to JM's comment. He's my middle son! Telling me to cut the cord!

Juliana, if I get pregnant, you can look for a star in the east!

I do see Keil on the golf course, but he hasn't tried to help me yet! He HAS asked me if I have any snacks in my golf bag, though!!

Noelle, read my comment to Juliana! She made me wet my pants!!

Joey, I felt the same way when you and Aimee moved away! I still miss you both a lot, especially now that you have Keillor and Emaline!!

askcherlock said...

I know how difficult this must be, Judie, but think of it in another way. So many of our children grow up, marry and find careers thousands of miles away. We consider ourselves lucky to see them for a holiday or two during the year. At least Keil will be close, though the emptiness lingers for awhile.

No matter how bad you feel, pullease---don't get pregnant! This too shall pass. :)

Judie said...

Hahahaha! Cher, there is no F****** way that I will become "with child." When we lived in Memphis, Keil was visiting with our down-the street neighbor who had a beautiful golden retriever named Bear. He asked her if Bear was going to have puppies. She told him that Bear had been spayed.

My innocent little boy said, "My momma has been spayed!"

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

This is so sweet, Judie. Were you really sweating bullets over the E post? (I think this is the E post. Right?) You never let us see you sweat, do you? Keil is lucky to have you as his mommy.

Joann Mannix said...

Oh Judie, it never ends, does it? This mother's heartbreak.

I had no idea how much I would mourn the day my oldest went off to college. I was astounded at the potency of my sadness. I got used to her being gone and then she came home for the summer. It was splendid having all my chicks under my roof again. there was a completeness again. Now, of course, she is back at school and I miss her all over again.

I know how you feel, my friend.

Judie said...

Robyn, my E post is way more intellectual than this. I am just feeling sorry for myself today.

Joann,I am glad to see you back to your wonderful humerous self. It's maragarita time, my friend!! I'll pour! I don't want you pouring two at the same time.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I'm dreading that moment as well as looking forward to it. But mostly I'm more than a little eager for the time when I can stop being the constant nagging, bossing, eyebrow raising, pushing Mom and just enjoy my childrens company.

Ginny said...

When they grow up life becomes so bittersweet. My only child lives in Hawaii; I'm on the East Coast. I carry him in my heart.

Love the "Toe Collection"! Envy your reading list. I've developed ADD (self-diagnosed, as usual)and can't seem to concentrate long enough for books. Though I did zoom through the Stieg Larsson books. They were like yummy candy.

Judie said...

Undortunately for me, Jennifer, whenever they are around I seem to revert to being that mom!

Ginny, I know how you feel. I always carry mine in my heart!

I zoom through a lot of books, but when I find an author with classic writing skills, I try to savor every word!

Sarah said...

We hate to see them go, and will live with them for as long as possible. But I'll bet he's so happy to be moving away from his parents. (just trying to make you less sad)

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

Oh my goodness, I was all happy at first and so proud for you. Then, you made me all SAD! I know (and can feel) how much you will miss him. I bet he will be over quite a bit to catch up on some shows and see the fur bros.


Judie said...

Sara, when Keil was little, he said that he was going to live with us forever, even after he grew up. I think Rod was afraid he was serious about that. Keil has been very happy living here with us for the last year, but he really does need to be around people his own age instead of us old fogies!

Angelia, he actually wanted to take Precious with him to the apartment. He knew we would never let him do that, though.

We are in a real quandry about Precious because she is so old now and is sick. Today she could barely stand up, and she has stopped eating unless I hand feed her little bites of soft food. Tomorrow we go to the vet for his advice. We are both afraid of what he is going to tell us. I'm not ready to lose two babies so close together.

Elisa said...

Judie, this post is very sweet. I think it's a mother's prerogative to be bittersweetly melancholy.