Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012
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Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Rogue Speaks:

This will be a quickie Saturday Centus because Rod and our daughter, Chris, are coming in tomorrow and I have to finish painting the guest bathroom! So here go's:

"I'm sorry, Mr. Wallis-- we can't accept checks. Your electric bill must be paid in cash -- too many bounced checks."

It was four o'clock, and the electric company closed in thirty minutes. He just had time to dash to the bank. He couldn't let the electricity get shut off with a new baby at home.

He ran to the ATM. He put his debit card in and the ATM began dispensing twenties, Lots of them! More money than was in his account! He grabbed them, and ran back to the electric company.

“You made it," said the clerk.

"Yes," Wallis mused, "Just in time..."


Rekha said... lucky bugger I must of killing two birds with one stone...loved this one.

Jackie said...

Oh that would be so nice're painting the bathroom? wow ain't that something

JJ said...

Was that a government ATM?

Karen S. said...

Oh for a quicky this is so...oops oh my gosh...Dean Martin I just love this man...every song he sings is so dreamy....when I was 12 I used to hide my Dean Martin albums from all my friends...they would have thought me who cares! any way back to your's a great quicky did I say that before Dean popped in? Funny that you are painting for your guests/ hubby teases me when company is coming to stay over he always says..."okay time for you get the paint out!" and I hardly ever paint...silly man! Have a great time visiting and a fab weekend !

Judie said...

Actually,JJ,I think not.

Sarah said...

I'd like to know where he banks. I can use some of that money right now. What color did you paint your guest room?

Judie said...

I painted it the same color as the rest of the house. I was never satisfied with the blue that was on one wall of the bedroom, and in the bathroom. I'm a happy girl now that it is all coming together!!

Karen S. said...

I bet it looks lovely....still JUST love this Just in time song!

Kat said...

We went in a similar direction this week. Great minds and all that. Wouldn't we all love to find that magic ATM? Have a fun visit! Kat

Sue said...

Now, why have I never had an ATM go slot machine on me?!


Good one!

PS. I'm late with my Centus this week, but here it is:
Sheethead by Sue

Poetic Justice said...

For a quick story this was really good Judie! Nice clean, simple use of the prompt that said so much :))

nothingprofound said...

Amazing, Judie, how you snap these things off between the golf course and painting the walls! I guess this will never happen to me, since my ATM is always OUT OF ORDER.

Ames said...

What luck! And just in the nick of time!
I'm a Dean Martin fan too!~Ames

Saelen said...

I always wondered about that. I bet if the bank made a mistake like that and let's say I was given $200 instead of $20, I would have to pay it back……with interest.

I enjoyed the story. Hope you're having fun.

ChrisJ said...

My whole house needs painting - if you want some extra cash !?!?

Jenny said...

Hey, Chris J? I know someone who'll paint your house for cash if Judie doesn't take the job!

Hi Miss Judie.

This was great. When I was married to my first husband the electric company did tell me that...but sadly the ATM never spit out extra 20's. In fact, I don't think they even had ATM's back then. Darn the luck!

A perfect SC as always!