Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Saturday, January 9, 2010


The Rogues Speak
Well, I am home from the reception, which was great, by the way, and I had a nagging feeling that I had better check what I wrote earlier. Sure enough, I was really brain dead at the time. My spelling reminded me of an acquaintance known to me and only my closest friends as Troll Monkey. This individual, who claims to have an advanced degree, butchers the English language like no one I have even known, and types it out in emails that makes me shudder. Not even spell-check can make any sense of Troll Monkey's ramblings. So when you post a note for the Rogues, please check your spelling to make sure you are not as brane ded as I was earlier today.


CSBS said...

i love the artwork, and of course i love any and all references to trollmonkeys.

Judie said...

Well, if you love that, then you are really going to be happy when I get going on Fat Mutt and the BFR.

Fat Mutt was a true junkyard dog, but he claimed to be a pure-bred. We never could discern just what that "pure" breed was, because Fat Mutt kept changing his story. At one point he even claimed that the American Indians were his people. Actually that's more like it, because Indian dogs can be a cross between just about anything. Fat Mutt could even be part javalina, for all we know.

Fat Mutt ran around with another junk yard dog, BFR, who was a cross between an Irish setter and a pack mule. If those two ever decided to mate, well just use your imagination! But enough about the canine world.

Yesterday's reception at the Western National Parks was very impressive! The artwork was glorious, and the place was crowded. Since our group is known for great receptions, I didn't even have dinner last night. I was a little startled, though. One member brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into little triangles, and another member made oatmeal cookies but forgot to put the oatmeal in. To make up for that little error, she wrote out a very long explanation of just why that happened, slipped it into a plastic sleeve, and placed it by the cookies. The guests were supposed to rate the cookies on a scale of one to ten. I passed on that.

CSBS said...

The Mutt and BFR are excellent examples of how an artist's personality can impact a viewer's appreciation (or depreciation) of their works. Because of their personality disorders I can no longer view their art objectively. Recently I saw a "bronze" statue of a horse created by Mutt and I found it frightening ( not in an Edvard-Munch-good-frightening way but in a Walter-Keene-big-eyed-clown-bad frightening way.) I ripped the work apart mentally, in all honesty my visceral reaction was probably because of my intense loathing for the artist. I am guessing that many of the great masters of the past had eccentric personalities, and that one would not necessarily want to have been involved with them personally...I now know that is true because of Mutt and the BFR.