Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Butt's The Same Size, But My Horizons Are Expanding

The Rogue Speaks:
I am excited to be learning a new way to create art. This weekend I am taking a class in encaustic that is being taught by Diane Bailey-Haug. A couple of years ago, when I actually had some money in my art account, I spent a sinful amount on encaustics and spread all the stuff out on my kitchen counter. Then I sat and looked at it for a while. After I had gotten up the courage, I jumped in and heated up the wax. My first few attempts were bizarre, but sort of interesting. Then summer came and I found myself sweating a lot. Painting in encaustics is pretty hot work! So I put them away for a while, after having lost 5 pounds in pure sweat.

Now I am ready to have at it again. After having seen some of Diane's work at one of our exhibits, I became excited about sweating again, and signed up for one of her classes. It begins this Saturday, at Toscana Studio and Gallery, which is owned by another artist friend, Linda Ahearn.

This is going to be quite an adventure for me. I haven't learned any new ways to create since my Best Friend artist talked me into painting with my boobs. We painted several pieces that were accepted into an exhibit at WomanKraft Gallery, and they actually sold. We were invited back to show more (paintings, that is) and they sold, too! My family is a little embarrassed about this art form, but I did earn enough to spring for the encaustics. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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Ho-Ho-HOA said...

Hooray for paint-spattered boobs as artist medium! Of course, with your headline about your butt, I'm wondering why we've never oiled up ye olde bee-hind and squirmed around on a canvas? (But NOT with encaustic, OW!!)