Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Jekyll Island Beach 2012

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sing It, Elton!!

The Rogue Speaks:

My "Best Friend" artist is such a smart mouth! She was making fun of me because I decided that I should include all the muses in my blog. Everyone I know loves poetry! And I got some great best-sellers for Christmas that I plan to read in the pool when it is too hot to do art or play golf.

The music, she absolutely cannot argue with me about! Joe Bourne is one of my dearest friends. Everyone loves to hear him sing jazz, and Nat King Cole. Manny Herrera is soooo mellow. We all love Manny! And don't forget Rob Wright! Wildcat Jass Band makes me want to do things that Rod has only dreamed of in the early morning hours when he has--well, you know!

O.k., now we come to dance. "Best Friend" artist never knew that I would come up with this, but my cousin Sandra's granddaughter, Jenny Mitchell, who is a composer in Atlanta, composed a ballet suite for the Cobb Symphony!!! Not only that, they performed it! HAHAHAHA!

If I could figure out just how to get "TINY DANCER" to dance across the screen, I would. And as anyone who knows me, knows, one way or another, I will figure out just how to do that!

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2rt4u said...

Well, why don't you just put little feet on them fishies swimmin' up there? Hmmm, what is the sound of one fish swimming?